Nujox is an Ice Giant that has been "modified' and made unique by Galith Redbeard, specifically to serve as a general in his army.   As Galith has built out his army, he has found he needs strong generals that have the loyalty of lesser members of the army. Kŗivaj is able to control the giants, but he had other duties. So Galith selected a particular loyal and tactically capable ice giant and magically enhanced his abilities, his intelligence, and his wisdom. Then Kŗivaj trained him in Kŗivaj's unique form of martial arts. This giant was called Nujox.   Nujox is blindly loyal to Galith. This comes from is initial loyalty, but was strengthened when Galith enhanced his abilities. Nujox feels endebted to the dwarfish king and will sacrifice anything for his leige.   Nujox carries a giant 4.2m staff, made from stone, enhanced with fonujajo, and enchanted with spells to make it stronger and more flexible. It is one of Galith's creations.   Nujox stands 4.1 m tall and weighs about 475 kg. He is faster than his brethren, and stronger. He was also gifted a third eye by Galith. It allows him to sense heat (useful in the cold). He is able to manifest ice darts in from the air and propel them at high speeds. Thanks to other magic used in his creation, Nujox has a magical force surrounding him that acts as armor. He can generate various strengths of cold/freezing attacks, can cause darkness to surround him, and can become invisible at will. Finally, he can reduce his size to a that of a normal humanoid for up to an hour at a time as many as three times each day.   Nujox retains all the blood lust of the ice giants, but it is tempered by his intelligence, wisdom, and his loyalty to Galith. The ice giants recruited by Galith are loyal to Nujox, without questioning.   In addition to leading the ice giants, Nujox is a masterful spy, able to hide from view and observe the actions of others. While Galith has not had much use of this ability, Kŗivaj has plans for using it.

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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