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The Abandoned Village

Zyrlun and Skirme rode ahead of the group to get a first look at the village. They were disturbed to see no one in the streets. "Is it me, Skirme, or is this town abandoned?"   The ranger nodded, "yep."   The pair signaled to their other two companions. They took their horses back out of the town and tied them up at a tree. Yaina and Shodar, on the slower horses, arrived shortly after.   "What's going on?" Shodar's deep bass rumbled as they approached.   "Abandoned."   "Yeah, it looks like there's no one home. Figured we'd head in on foot, just in case."   Yaina and Shodar tied up their horses.   "Well, then. Zyrlun, Shodar, lead the way. Skirme, watch our backs. I'll be right behind you boys."  
  "Man, this place is givin' me the creeps!" Even though he was the biggest of the four, he was always the one that seemed most afraid of what was happening around them. Or at least, he complained the most.   There was smoke coming out of chimneys, but when they looked in the houses, there was no one there. Sometimes there was fresh food on the table, sometimes there was a meal cooking on the fire. Yaina walked into a blacksmith's workshop.   "The forge is hot, but the embers are dying. Hmm…there's even a work-piece in the forge. I'm starting to feel a little uneasy, too, Shou."   "No tracks, no attack. No running." Skirme usually held longer conversations with squirrels than with her companions.   "Not to state the obvious," something Zyrlun excelled at, "but it looks like they just vanished. I've seen some powerful magics, but making an entire village just disappear, with no trace…that's new for me.   "For me as well." Yaina was concerned. "Whatever or whoever did this had access to very powerful magics. Not many live that can wield that sort of power."   Still, there was something wrong. "No sound." Skirme was right. Except for their footsteps and the occasional sound from one of the horses, there wasn't a sound to be heard. Very wrong indeed.
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