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Shania's fate with Badnīl

When I met him, I didn't know his greatness. I knew only one thing—he was to be my husband. Not because we were betrothed, though we were. No, something in me knew that we were fated to be together. I could feel the threads of destiny entwining us. Within our first days together the feeling, that gentle nudge, was confirmed. Perhaps Tailosh was guiding me; I could all but see the threads. Then I saw something else. Perhaps it should have frightened me, but it did not. Our threads would be woven together through upheaval and renewal; war and famine; celebration and lamentation. That was clear to many already. Unseen by others, his thread would end long before mine. And mine…my thread extended far further than any mortal's should. Would I be otailīl, a weaver in my own way, pausing in front of the Loom of Tailosh?
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Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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