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The Epitaph of Badnīl Qau

Upon the death of her husband, Badnīl Qau, Shania vin Qau erected a small memorial on the observation deck of the Palace above Challenge. On it is inscribed the following epitaph, in Kausha.  
of Badnīl Qua   Husband, partner, father,
But greatest of all
Leader, founder of nations.
  Part of him lives on
In the people he united.
  The transliteration of the original Kausha is:
i badnīl qua   ŗauri bosh ptil
pta dīdīy bauŗaid
votoyī qīdīl i balish
  yīr i vo a ŗaukau
tī kai ŗoyauvi vo akirash
Part of Spooktober 2023

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


Author's Notes

I would like to write up the original Kausha version. Maybe before Spooktober 2023 is done?

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