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The Claw

"Zherech, have I ever told you about how I got this claw?" Dureon asked his son.   "Yes, meunzo…but it's my favorite story!"   "My best friend Gerech and I (you're named after him, by the way) found ourselves face to face with a terrible beast…"  
  "Zherech, I've always wondered, what's that claw you have worn around your neck every day I've known you?" Sanix asked his long time friend. The claw was bigger than his thumb and had nasty looking serations. It was a lurid green at the tip, which faded to black at the base. A small hole was drilled in the base so a golden chain could hold it on Zherech's neck.   "When I was little, my father told me of a strange beast that he and his best friend encountered when they were young men…" Zherech continued telling the story a monster that not only attacked his father's friend, but killed him as well. His father was saved by his friend and kept the claw as a memento to remember his friend and savior.   As the story goes on, Zherech and Sanix begin to focus on the details, which get more and more vivid until it seems as if they are there. It's then they hear the bellowing of a great beast. They look up to see a monster, standing up right with two huge paws raised. Each digit of each paw has a huge claw—a claw that looks just like the one on Zherech's nech. But one is missing.   As the two youths realize what that means, the beast begins to charge at them.  
  "Son, did I ever tell you about how I got this claw?" Sanix asked his son.   Excitedly, Zeŗits said, "Yes, xepi…but you can tell me again!"   "My best friend Zherech and I (you're named after Zherech) found ourselves face to face with this great creature…"  
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The claw is cursed to repeat this sequence.   It is largely inert but can only be passed from father to son. Typically, but not always, the son is named after the friend. Once the claw is passed on, the first time the son tells the story of how the father received the claw to a male friend (which his is compelled to do by the claw) he and the friend are taken to another realm (perhaps within the claw itself) and must confront the beast. The son defeats the beast but is killed, leaving the friend to retrieve the claw from the son and later repeat the story to his own son.
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