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Darkness. Nothingness. Lomis was in Oblivion.   But what is that?   Tck. S c r a a a a p e.   Tck. S c r a a a a p e.   Tck. S c r a a a a p e.   The sound of a blade on a stone was unmistakeable. Someone sharpening a blade. Not Oblivion?   Maybe…   Tck. S c r a a a a p e.   The rhythm continued. A faint light. I must have passed out somewhere.   Tck. S c r a a a a p e.   What happened? There's some light. Maybe?  
  Vardel watched as his eyes flicked open, then shut tightly against the bright sunlight.  
  So bright! It burns!   Tck. S c r a a a a p e.  
  She paused for a moment to look at him. She had bound his hands and his feet, to prevent any attempt at escape. She didn't recognize him, and he didn't have any of the usual marks—theives guild, assassin's guild, military. Maybe he wasn't one of those who might hunt her. Still, he had broken into her room last night, and had to be interrogated.  
  Tck. S c r a a a a p e.   Lomis forced his eyes open, blinking as his eyes adjusted to the light. While his pounding head reminded him of his excesses, it also made it harder to keep his eyes open. But he had to see what was going on.  
  His eyes flickered open. Good. He's almost ready to talk.  
  Tck. S c r a a a a p e.   Lomis watched as a woman, sitting on a small bench with a table, carefully drew a dangerous looking sword over a whetstone. She was dressed as a warrior, but while her stare was severe and she was well toned, her face remained soft.  
  "Good morning, sir. I'm happy to see you survived." She clearly wasn't.   "I…do I know you?"   "I would assume so. You broke into my room last night." She picked up the sword and examined the edge.   "I…excuse me, I broke into your room?"   "Of course. Why else would I have you here? As I was preparing for bed, you opened my door started to attack me. I stopped you, of course." Her sword arm swung out, almost absently, cleanly cleaving a melon Lomis had not noticed in half with a sickening "grushmp".   "I…no…I…I left the bar and came upstairs." The fuzziness was fading slowly. "I opened the door and…there was a beautiful woman in my room. I was sure my friends had paid to have her…you?…come to my room. I…it was my birthday. We were celebrating."  
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Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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