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The Battle of the Western Shore

About 105 years before the Fourth Age truly started, Árak attempted to make some inroads into controlling the western shores of what would come to be known as Mishtz̀azey. Valak and his three siblings Nép, Ŗadev , and Oŗoros) had hoped to minimize the corruption of their uncle upon the world before civiliation really started taking hold. So they gifted their Scions with items of power and joined them and a small army of devoted followers to drive Árak off.

The Conflict


At the end of the battle, the four sibling gods imprisoned their uncle Áŗak in a Pocket Realm, knowing it was only a matter of time before he escaped. They hoped that they had bought civilization enough time to mature to the point that Áŗak's interference could be resisted.
Conflict Type
Start Date
4336 TA (105 BCT)
Ending Date
4336 TA (105 BCT)


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