Frost Giant

The frost giants where the precursors to humans in the world of Binaka.   Before the gods created humans, they created the giants. Standing 3–3.5 m tall and weighing 375–550 kg, they were made in the gods' image and on their scale. But they were overly aggressive. The fought constantly. They couldn't utilize magic. The were not able to form a civilization, which was the entire reason for their creation. So the gods sent them to the northern mountains, to live in the frozen wastes, since they were unwilling to destroy their creation.   In the mountains, a handful of leaders emerged, and the giants formed a sparse society. They lived largely as small groups of namads within the mountains, rarely if ever leaving the comfort of the cold. They became the frost giants.   It was here that Bējil found them and created the Rup Shéxul, whom they assisted in the God War, fighting the Wizard Kings to the bitter end. All the frost giants died during that conflict.
Genetic Descendants

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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