Bējil was one of the Wizard Kings. Not much is commonly known of Bējil. He declared himself Brufan of the northern continent and disappeared less than a year later.   What is known is that several years after his disappearance, the Rup Shéxul began sending scouts out of the frozen mountains. It would appear that Bējil was captured by the long-forgotten giants that lived in the mountains. However, after displaying his immense power, he was treated as a god by the giants. Despite this, they kept him captive and, despite his power, he was never able to escape.   Instead, he begain manipulating the giants. He created an even larger strain, almost three times the size of the extant giants. And he infused them with magic, by carving symbols of power into their skin. Only a few dozen of the Marked Giants, as the Rup Shéxul came to be known, were ever created, mainly because they eventually killed their creator.

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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