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Dīkaudal (ˈdiːkaʊdɒl)

A dīkaudal is "one who finds the way". Specifically, they are experts at finding the way through the desert. Trying to navigate the desert is nearly impossible, as dunes look like dunes, sand looks like sand. And all of it moves over time. But dīkaudalio know how to navigate using the sun, stars, and moons, as well as other, more subtle clues, including animal territories, constructed landmarks, and magical tracks.   While many of the arts used by a dīkaudal can be taught, much of their means of navigation is intuitive. There are families of dīkaudalio who pass their gifts along genetic lines.



A dīkaudal must have a keen eye for detail, an excellent sense of direction, and the ability to learn a near encyclopedic knowledge of the stars and landmarks. Ideally, they have an innate sensitivity to magic, although this can be augmented through magical devices.

Career Progression

A dīkaudal starts as an apprentice to a master wayfinder. As they begin to learn the ways they will become a journeyman, still working with a master, but making decissions on a more frequent basis. As they approach mastery, their training master will often accompany them incognito, so the yīyabalio (those following a dīkaudal) are not aware that their wayfinder is not yet a master wayfinder.


Social Status

Within the Kaushan culture, dīkaudalio are highly respected. If it were not the wayfinders, the Kaushan people would have been lost in the desert rather than eventually settling into the Eastern Principalities. A wayfinder is given much more leeway than others as their profession is so respected, even though it is not a highly sought after as it once was.
Alternative Names

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