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The first Scion of Nép, Loshm is also the youngest of the first Scions. He was only 20 when the Great Plague cast the entire world into chaos for the third time. However, he was intelligent, eager, and reliable. He is remarkably gifted as a teacher and mentor.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While Loshm looks somewhat scrawny, he's actually fairly strong and quite physically fit, typically chosing to walk everywhere he goes unless great urgency is required.

Facial Features

Due to the immortality granted through Stastn's genetic manipulations and the help of Ŗažu, Loshm will forever look like a teenager, despite his mutton chops. He frequently has acne, although there's no danger of it scarring.

Physical quirks

Loshm still has his slightly awkward teenager body, even after more than 2200 years. So even though his mind has adapted, he can seem to be uncoordinated.

Special abilities

Loshm is able to manipulate stone as if it is clay. He does this by simply willing the stone into the shape he desires. His hands can be used to guide the manipulation, but they are not strictly necessary. The process is fairly slow as the stone has the consistency of clay, but much easier than using tools to work the stone, which Loshm is also skilled at.   Loshm maintains a small private realm. He can access this realm by simply walking through any stone surface, such as a cliff face, or stone construct, such as a stone wall. He can then leave the private realm via any stone surface or construct in Binaka. He often uses this as a way to travel faster than simply walking would allow.

Apparel & Accessories

Loshm mirrors his patron in dressing in simple, practical, undecorated clothes. He usually looks as if he's finished a recreational hike into the mountains, carrying only his backpack. He will occasionally have a walking staff.

Specialized Equipment

Loshm's simple looking backpack has a conduit to a small pocket realm, where he can store anything he needs. The pocket realm is tied to the backpack, not his private realm.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

  • Growing up in third age...
  • Began higher level education early.
  • Joined lab and Stastn's team at age of 18.
  • Became Scion of Nép.
  • Trained with Nép in mastering abilities she granted with stone work and pocket realms.
  • Helped train dwarfs in stone work (but not mining, since they already had that).
  • Became Nép's troubleshooter, going where she needs him to, or just wanders, taking in the world with as much time as he needs.

Personality Characteristics


Loshm has a drive to please others. Since he became a Scion, his goal is to please his patron, Nép. This has been relatively easy, as her desire is for him to help others—his other drive.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Loshm is quite skilled at teaching and mentoring others. This has served him well during his time working with Nép.



Scion (Vital)

Towards Nép




Patron (Important)

Towards Loshm



Relationship Reasoning

Loshm has always been eager to learn, and while he didn't know anything about stone working before meeting Nép, he eagerly learned the techniques and methodologies of mining and working stone from her. When he turned out to be an excellent teacher, she relied heavily upon him when teaching the Dwarfs stone working. Early on, she rewarded him with his innate stone manipulation abilities.

Year of Birth
14317 2255 Years old
Current Residence
Wherever the path leads
Brown, almost golden
Short, dark brown, curly
Apparent Age

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