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Summer Camp 2023 Summary

This is a summary of what I did for Summer Camp 2023. Since I didn't write a pledge document, I'm doing this after the fact to help me track what I've done.   I was not nearly as stressed this year as last. I was able to work on multiple articles and actually achielve the copper level. I didn't do nearly as much as I was hoping to, but I also didn't set any goals beyond doing the best I could. And given how much I've been able to work on my creative endeavors, I think I did pretty good. I'm happy with the results. And now that responses are starting to come in and I've read some others' writings, I'm starting to get further ideas.   Relatedly, I participanted in the Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge, so check out my reviews there. I will likely follow that up with monthly reading challenges. Or something like that.  
Overall Meta

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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