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Summer Camp 2022 Pledge Document

What Is My Creative Goal?

For this summer camp, I'd like to expand a new area of my world, either the Great Desert of Mishtz̀azey or the Northern Wastes of Mis̀tapidna. I don't have either defined really at all.   See Ice Giant, Giant Scorpions, Rup Shéxul, Kŗivaj.  

What Is My Motivation?

I just like expanding my world and adding new stuff. I'm not a great writer and I don't come up with the most creative stuff. But I try and have fun with it.  

What Is My Challenge Goal

I'd like to achieve at least SIlver. I would love to make it to Diamond, but it hasn't happened yet, and this summer is likely to be as busy as ever.

My Summer Camp 2021 Pledge

I will spend at least three hours a week working on Summer Camp prompts; I will complete at least 16 prompts; I will attempt to complete all 31 prompts; I will acknowledge that I have a family and full time job and should not be disappointed if I fail to fully meet this pledge.   — Michael Johnson
    Overall Meta

Cover image: Scotland Cliffs by Frank Winkler


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