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seisidu (/ˌseiˈsidu/)

The seisidu, also known as the mountain rabbit, is a species of rabbit that lives exclusively in the Untsadpa Mountains. Large for a rabbit, the seisidu can grow to 60 cm long and a weight of 2.6 kg. Their fur is typically slate gray with black, angular streaks in spring summer, and fall, turning to a much fluffier white in winter, enabling some amount of camoflage in the stony wastes, which are typically snow-covered through the winter.   Seisidu are extremely fast on rough and rocky terrain, jumping between rocks, weaving between them, and ducking behind them when chased. Because if this, their primary predator is the sezichyi, which are also adept at maneuvering among the rocks of the mountains.   In addition to the sezichyi, the seisidu is also hunted by tinaukaida and other mountain predators. When other prey are rare, predatory birds, especially Tsunang's Hawks, will hunt the rabbit. However, they are typically too large for the bird, so this is rare.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Seisidu ears are highly sensitive and are able to rotate independantly of each other, allowing the rabbit to hear predators from a great distance as well as determine the direction and speed of approach.   Their eyes afford them a near 360° view of the world around them. They are highly sensitive, especially to UV light and motion, allowing the seisidu to see things even predators might miss.   The nose of a seisidu is extremely sensitive. Due to the austere nature of their environment, they are able to sense the slightest change in scent on the wind.
10–12 years
Average Weight
1.8–2.6 kg
Average Length
50–60 cm
Geographic Distribution

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