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Bang Thebaz

Bang Thebaz believes that when the gods created humans they granted them the ability to gain power beyond that of the gods. But when humans began to gain and use that power, the gods became jealous and revoked it. The goal of Bang Thebaz to regain that power, depsite the unwillingness of the gods to allow it.

Mythology & Lore

Most of the mythology of Bang Thebaz is spelled out in the Book of Žoax Ŗel. Bang Thebaz believe the gods should yield to the power of human magic wielders, as almost happened in the God War, millenia ago. They also believe there are several powerful Wizard Kings who the gods were unable to slay and instead imprisoned. The believe that these wizards are working to escape their captivity and free humans from the gods.   Chief among the wizard kings is Žoax Ŗel, the God Killer. He led the righteous war against the gods, single handedly killing the father of the gods, Koavurpé. He will return in glory, granting his devout followers access to his powerful magic and elevating them to rulers of the land.

Divine Origins

Founded by an academic resentful of their interaction with a Scion. Found information on Žoax Ŗel and how he killed Koavurpé during the God War. The gods were just a stepping stone on the way to the greatness of humans.

The power of humans will triumph!

Religious, Cult

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