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The Realms of Reality

The Realms of Reality is a book written by Stastn describing how the various realms of reality (also known as planes or dimensions) work, interact, and exist.   Soon after becoming Nushŗa's Scion, she tasked Stastn with researching and writing the preeminent treatise on how the universe works at the level of the very fabric of reality and how the various aspects of that reality interact with one another. After many years of research and travelling, The Realms of Reality (Kunäu Än Elu, प्ऋॗण धऋ टम्) was completed.   The original tome, based on Stastn's copious notes, was made using magical techniques that not only preserve the book against the wear and tear of time and use but also cause the writing to appear to be in the written language best known by the reader.   Written on on paper from the paper tree using needle vine quills, various colored inks, and various foils. Bound in leather from a vapouilä, with fonujajo accents to guide the magic.


Written to describe all knowledge understandable (and some not) by mortals with regard to the underpinnings of the universe.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The original document, which Stastn continues to expand and improve upon, is in a secured location within Onlen's Library. There are a few copies and a more partial copies, none of which have the universal language enchantment. Nushŗa maintains a sort of live copy of the original for her personal use.
Manuscript, Magical (Tome/Scroll)

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