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The Netherealm, also known as el sushuŗäx (टम इ्उ्लॗक /el suʃuˈrʌx/ Thevan) or uizeno (/uizɛˈno/ Dwarfish (Ijoeoxi)), is the realm of the dead. It is cosmologically adjacent to Binaka. It is one of the realms of reality.   When a being dies, their spirit is escorted to the Netherealm by an envoy of Shönäl. Once there, they join a faction based on the essence of their life. These factions range from demons and devils to what could be called angels, with everything in between. All beings with souls to ever have lived on Binaka eventually enter the Netherealm and, in general, remain there. However, it is possible to extract souls from the Netherealm. When this is done, the soul takes on a temporary physical body. It is sometimes possible to control a nether-soul summoned in this manner. This was most famously accomplished on a grand scale by Brufra Áng, who summoned armies from the Netherealm.   The factions in the Netherealm have a similar purpose to the nations of Binaka: they group like-minded souls together under more powerful leaders. The leaders of these factions generally answer to one or more of the gods, although there are exceptions. Those more independently-led factions will often ally themselves with other factions for brief periods of time (measured in the equivalent of decades). Some even ally themselves with Árak, which is highly frowned upon by the other gods.   The "land" of the Netherealm mirrors that of the physical realm, with continents and mountains and valleys and seas replicated but exaggerated: the mountains are higher and more often volcanic, the oceans are wider and deeper and filed with anything but normal water, etc.
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