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Brufra Áng

The First Wizard King

My desire? Simply to control the world.
  Brufra Áng (आ्ग़ू तग) was born with a strong connection to magic, able to manipulate the world around him before his fourth birthday. By the time he was ten he was researching spells and devices to enable him to do one thing. Gain more power. He continued this through his teenage years and early adulthood, creating innovative new magical castings and devices.   By the time he was 30 years old, Brufra ranked among the most powerful wizards to ever have lived. He had a heavily fortified castle, protected by legions of elementals. He held all the lands within 50 miles, and the people living on the lands, completely within his thrall. But he was still unsatisfied.   In 2531 FA, at the age of 32, Brufra finally knew what he had been seeking. He wanted nothing less than to be the master of the world, to prove to other wizards that he was truly more powerful than they. To do so, he began the research that would lead him to pulling an army from the Netherealm. In 2533 FA, an army of demons, bound to Brufra, began to march from his castle.   Brufra and his demon army fought against all he considered rivals and who would not pledge fealty to him. The casualties were enormous—the demons could be killed quickly, but there seemed an infinite supply of them. They overwhelmed their opponents by sheer force of numbers.   By 2537 FA, the demon armies of Brufra Áng had succeeded on taking on all comers. Brufra declared himself Emperor and King of the Known World. But he had made many enemies in his quest to rule the world, and his reign would be short lived.   In 2545 FA, after three years of plotting and planning, a group of three wizards calling themselves The Three Brothers (Án Baŗfön Kiv), launched an assault on Brufra's stronghold. Their forces consisted of conventional wizards, mounted on great riding beasts, known as löadbvup, enchanted for flight and extra strength and toughness. While their forces took on the demons, the Brothers attacked Brufra himself, taking him largely by surprise. In a battle that lasted mere minutes, the Brothers defeated Brufra, destroying him completely. When he fell, the demons were no longer tied to him, nor to this realm. Thus, they were quickly pulled back to the Netherealm.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
2499 2545 46 years old

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