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Nép’s Cabin

After days lost in the forest, Asprun saw a warm glow ahead. As he pulled himself toward the light, a small cabin started to reveal itself. Sitting on the porch was a woman in a simple dress, sipping at a steaming cup. He was able to make out a tea kettle sitting on a table. As he approached the cabin, the woman spoke softly, without looking up from her cup.   “Good evening, Asprun. You've been out for a while, haven't you?”   Taken by surprise, Asprun said, “Uh, yes. I have.”   “Would you take some tea, Asprun?” the woman asked, looking at him for the first time.   “Gladly, thank you.” Asprun wanted to ask who this strange woman was, in the middle of the forest, who seemd to know him; he certainly didn't know her. He prudently decided to wait.  Journals of Asprun, Book 12, Page 135
Nép’s Cabin is her favorite place to encounter mortals.   This is a small, two room cabin. It is made of rough wooden boards with a small stone chimney. The simple door has no lock, just a simple mechanical latch that can be opened from the inside or outside. Located outside the cabin in a small vegetable garden and a small flower garden, as well as a potting bench and two chairs.   Inside one can find a room with a table, four chairs and a fireplace. There is a door leaving this living room, but no one has ever reported seeing what's behind the door.   The cabin is located wherever Nép wants it to be, but it's always in a forest. She's usually found outside tending one of the gardens or working on the potting bench. She'll occasionally invite up to three people inside for tea. Usually Nép just talks with her visitors. However, on occasion she'll provide them with some item, either going inside and bringing it out, or walking into the mystery door inside the cabin.   On very rare occasions, someone will find the cabin empty. It's never locked and there's usually tea or water on the table along with glasses or cups. The second door is not only locked, but completely impenetrable. Sometimes Nép will join the party from the closed door or from the outside. If the party stays outside, she may just wander in through the forest. Even if she doesn't show up, she may have an item available for the party to take.


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