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Án Lölädän

Án Lölädän तऋ मॕमॗएॗऋ /æn.lɔˈlʌdʌn/—the Masters—were the four Wizard Kings who banded together before the God War to rule the world together. The four wizards were Nöx, Žan Éxurpé, Žoax Ŗel, and Alvax án Déŗablo.   The four decided to split ruling the world among themselves, each getting a continent, in a loose confederation. They remained fairly united until the God War started. Žoax encouraged the four to assert their supremacy over the gods, with strong support from Alvax and Nöx. This caused Žan to split from the four, warning the gods and joining them in the fight against his former comrades.

3241 - 3249

Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
The Masters

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