Intro to the DraKaise Battalion

What you need to know to understand the world.

The tides of DraKaise twist invisibly across the surface of Arydia. This massive world is suspended in space, with each pole cradled in the hands of one of the Celestial Giants. The pressure they inflict upon the world between them forces the center outwards and is only restrained by the bulk of the body of The Knotted Snake. Upon this world, we have access to a single continent, the rest having been sealed away since the beginning of time, yet this does not mean that we are limited in scope or scale! No, we have all the continent of Ithungsida has to offer us and more: the Planes are still open for our perusing.   In this world, the gods are real. The giants can be seen in the Night Skies as constellations, the gods that serve the giants are known for their immense faith and the special circumstances that surrounded their ascension. The organizations that wander Ithungsida are wide and varied, from the Caelfoc Union that maintains the northern roads, to the Internment Offices that track down those that have broken their work contracts in the South.  

What Players Really need to know about Arydia.


  The DraKaise Battalion is a world written for the purpose of running games on a one-shot based server centered around The DraKaise Battalion and it's members. This means that the writing is designed to evoke quick and easy ideas for Game Masters to run sessions and to introduce interesting bases for characters to insert themselves neatly into the world while still leaving plenty of room for the players and DMs to weave their own stories in this world.  

DraKaise/The Battalion

  The DraKaise Battalion as an organization is an adventuring group with a central authority centered around the Praetori Legatus and, to a degree, the government of SosIwa. However, the Battalion acts autonomously as a set of emergency services. They don't act as a police force, but rather come in like an fire engine when they are called about issues that need fixed. Filled with buff sturdy adventurers that are determined to help solve the conflicts that need them.  

The Divided Gods

  At the heights of power, with those beings that are capable of dashing the fragile multiverse to pieces, the Celestial Giants reign supreme. Their thoughts, wants or desires are unknowable, their power, incalculable. The only frame of reference in power to one, is the other. And the tests of this power has seen the Multiverse destroyed twice before. However, a third joins this trio with their third attempt at maintaining the Universe without destroying it; this is the Knotted Snake, the vast being that was the bred from Dragons to be able to wrap around the world. And it acts as a balancer between the Gods.   The gods are the frames of reference in how mortals can attempt to understand the whims of the Giants. These deities are unique in the fact that they were all mortal at some point. Though the majority existed in the previous eras over being created in the third age of the world. For each of these beings had an immense DraKaise Potential, and fulfilled this potential through an ultimate act of DraKaise Infusion known as Ascension. However, due to their mortal origins, the deities are less bound to such cardinal ideas like Alignment of Good and Evil or being restrained in which Domains they may choose to support. Rather, they tend towards certain extremes with the capability of swinging in any direction.  

The Ancient Ones and their Adopted Progeny.

  At the end of the third age, a number of intelligent creatures understood the consequences of the rising anger of the Giants. At the dusk of the second era, countless groups fled the multiverse in search of salvation. These groups were full of creatures like the Aboleth, the Mindflayers, the Neogi and the Arctele. When they inevitably returned to the newly created multiverse, they returned as warped, twisted variations of themselves and found themselves incompatible with the new landscapes. Records hold that they tried, but failed to colonize the material plane and instead largely ended up withdrawing to the far outer planes.   On the other side of the spectrum were the beloved of the last age. The Elves. According to the only records that we have, the elves were the dominant creatures of the second age. They lived, laughed and loved so much that when the gods saw the fraying multiverse, they fell upon the elves they could and sealed them away in a world made of their own bodies. In this manner, the Elves were brought into the third era. When the gods slowly removed their protective barriers, each took away a small portion of Elves that they molded and changed into beings that could fit in every portion of the new realm.   However, they were also changed by the transit through the death of the Multiverse, their long lives were tempered and their minds quieted against the surrounding DraKaise, making them less interested in driving history. Thus, Elves act as leaves upon the winds of time, floating, singing and dancing and remembering the times that once were and may be again.   No, the histories of Arydia are written in the majority by the races that have were created for the lands. The Dwarves, Humans and the Late Orcs made history.  

Racial Player Options

  Extraneous Player Races can also be found here!
  • Half-Elf
  • Tiefling
  • More Race Articles to Come!

    The Cultures and landscapes.

    The lands of Ithungsida are vast, and the surviving cultures and nations have defined themselves as unique as they have fought to stay relevant. In this sense, the lands hold a vastly human population, but have also brought many other species into the fold of their borders. The cultures transcend race and species, with Elves identifying as Alluvian and many Halflings identifying as Dytikan. In the same instance, due to the millennia of subjugation and redistribution, cultures largely lack a central home or location; Alluvians may be found from the Mesa to the Highlands.    
    These are the finished Nation articles, while the others are still fairly works-in-progress! More will be added as they are finished!
    These Ethnicity articles are a heavy Work-In-Progress with only minor amounts of information available at this moment! Be sure to check back in the future!

    Further Reading!

    While there has been a lot of information to gather and understand through this article, the world of the DraKaise Battalion has far more to offer. With over 150,000 words of content available for you to read and absorb before exploring this amazing fantastical world!    
    Arydia - Ithungsida
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    Author's Notes

    This article drew heavy formatting and content inspiration from GamingBrew's amazing introduction article that I'll leave linked here! Be sure to check them out!

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