Dromund Peak

The Ancient Meteorite Formed Mountain that watches over a massive crater.

Yeah, the mountain is just as terrifying as the tower. It’s got dragons that melt the stone to lava and tribes of barbarians that rip those released from the Tower to shreds. The landscape is depressing and terrifying, haunted by the spirits of those that never made it out of the Tower.   I’d put it as one of the most terrifying places in all Forkden, and I’ve never even been there.
— Tales of Dromund
The towering peak is craggy and old. The sides of it sheer and dangerous. Starting at the southern base and stretching out from there is the crater that is said to have formed the peak. And some more ambitious scholars claim that the crater may have been the final blow that finally sank the Southern Floodlands. The crater itself is ancient, massive and longer than it is wide; with a length of around a mile and a width of around a thousand feet wide.   Inside the oft-water filled crater stands the foreboding Tower at Dromund Peak. Where Vhaskus dominated for countless years before being removed and finally replaced, in modern times, by the Internment Offices of Forkden for their home offices. The surrounding lands are largely patchy and devoid of life in most relevant ways. The surrounding lands are devoid of life, with only the rare patch of grass or trees sprouting from the hard rocky surfaces. The peak itself stands at around 6000 feet. one of the taller mountains in the Southern Floodlands outside of the Forkmaw Range. With the Tower at Dromund Peak becoming a trading city, a number of small communities surfaced on the sides of the stark mountain as well.   From a number of Goliath tribes finding a new home outside of the Feng Mountains, to an Aarakocra tribe that followed them in the same manner. The peak is also home to a handful of red dragons that fancy the peak as a volcano of great power and utilize their breath to impress visitors. This largely contributes to the thematic feel that influences the use of the Tower below.   As the Tower itself is constantly viewed with fear and suspicion as while it is used by the Internment Offices as a home base of sorts; they also use it to house those convicts that have broken the laws of Forkden or are promoting illegal brands of slavery in the lands. This causes those few communities that surround the crater to be hyper-vigilant for people Released from the Tower.

Flora and Fauna

The Ecosystem surrounding the Dromund Peak largely consists of roaming predators and packs that make their way up the heights of the mountain to escape the summer floods. This means that most prey animals are sparse and many predators have been relegated to aerial predators over any other, but a number of Giants and Dragons make the area their home as well.


Dromund’s Peak was formed after the shallow impact of a massive meteorite sometime in the distant past. Many claim that the core of the mountain is what is left over from the meteorite itself, but SosIwan surveyors never sought to install a mine in the region. The crater is so often filled with water that any excavation would have to be headed by aquatic species, assuming it isn’t blocked by the government.
Alternative Name(s)
Interment Peak, Peak of Vhaskus, The False Volcano
Mountain / Hill
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Where are these quotes from?

The Tales of Dromund were written from collated interviews just after the turn of the 12th century. The government of Forkden issued a comment on the work; stating that it was full of unsubstantiated slander. Of course, that made everyone want to read it.

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