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An Overview of the important parts of Ithungsida.

Created and Written by Dejers.
Deep in one of the Battalion's libraries, new members are collected and sworn to the code of the Battalion. Here they are given reign to seek information about the world they live in, with some knowledge they knew and some to be discovered. Here is a breakdown of the information that most find useful.
— Notes of Jogranel HelShed, Leader of the Battalion.

What is The DraKaise Battalion?

  The DraKaise Battalion is an ancient order of adventure seeking wanderers struck by the wanderlust of DraKaise, that will for adventure and wanderlust. This group has existed in dwarven culture since before their landing with the Fourth Fleet of Iwa, and are now maintained as a holdover from the times of Iwa. In a world such as Arydia, many are born in strong accumulations of DraKaise and are tainted by its mere presence. Drawn inexplicably towards danger and adventure, but the majority tend to snap out of that, restraining their primal instincts and finding truth in their own lands and homes.   All of those that can not break free from the siren’s call of the DraKaise are welcomed by the Battalion. That curse of wanderlust that drives you in search of exploits and great deeds is welcomed in the depths of the Feng Canyons, atop a solo mountain that has held members of the DraKaise for over a thousand years. The headquarters and the majority of the group still resides there, with a network of tunnels that facilitate foot or rail travel to the rest of SosIwa , but as the population of the Battalion has spread to include many other than the dwarves it started with, many have grown to prefer the overland trails and Airships to make their way to the fabled group.   And it is fabled. Countless plays from the last millenium have featured this group heavily as the saviors of Arydia in one fashion or another and for many urban folk it has lead to a belief of the innate superiority of the group. Able to rain fire from the sky for days and capable of going toe-to-toe with fearsome giants and dragons. While many other groups in Ithungsida have more of a prevalence in their local regions, the DraKaise Battalion benefits from good relations with all nations and are capable of maneuvering troops to any point of the continent.   With these thoughts, a common saying in reference to the Battalion is that ”Those that go to the Battalion become near god-like in their abilities and capacity.” And they aren’t wrong, many of the greatest warriors of the modern age have certainly found residence in the Battalion at one point or another, but it still takes drive and ambition to take advantage of what is offered.

What/Where is Ithungsida?

  Ithungsida “The Land of Sin”. Initially settled by elves, this vast continent has a wide spread of environments and peoples that populate it; from the mysterious Elves to the hardy honor-bound Dwarves to the Humans that spread anywhere and everywhere with no whims of cares. This land takes up a good portion of the northern hemisphere of the planet of Arydia, watched over by The Frost Giant of the North and sealed away from other lands by a indiscernible wall that wraps the lands around itself as if it were a planet of a much smaller scale.   However, other lands are known of; such as the land of Iwa that the dwarves sailed from on their fateful journey and others obscured to an even greater degree by the vast expanse of time. The Celestial Giants and their gods have sealed those lands away, linking them even to the planes above and making the mention of any seem to be a fairy tale, this perturbs the wisest of the realm, but the masses make no note of it, indeed, not knowing or caring about the truth of the landscapes.   And that is for good reason, for the lands of Ithungsida are vast and mysterious. Civilization having countless years of history, but the latest having been born of the Fourth Fleet of Iwa and sparked the human revolution against their orcish oppressors. A civilizing force unheard of before or since, after the Fourth Fleet was swept away from their lands by an angry mage and whirlwinds of flame that swirled through the many ships and cut them away from their old world. When they landed on the northern shores of this new land, they found the disparate and broken human tribes apt for aid and kickstarted civilization with their experience and wisdom.   One thousand, one hundred and eight years later, through cataclysms like the Funeral March and The Orcish Incursion, the histories of this land have grown and changed to become a brilliant area with history and knowledge to be sought. Wars fought, empires built and lost, countless horrors enacted by armies too big to know their own aims.  
Welcome to Ithungsida.

Who do we Worship in Ithungsida?

The Celestial Giants are constellations that hang in the night sky, giving perfect indicators of north and south while they are said to cause the very seasons and hold Arydia in their very hands. Due to previous failures to maintain a world, a snake has been tied around the center of the world to keep the giants from destroying Arydia once more.   The various gods were all once mortal, many from the previous ages of Arydia where they were noticed by the Celestial Giants and ascended into godhood, they encompass the mortal realms in a primarily offhanded nature. With only the gravest of issues resulting in their reaction with an avatar or similar. However, they often provide blessings and other benefits through many people they grant powers to heal and benefit the world with.   All are worshipped to some extent, but the amount varies widely. With some areas like the Devout Monarchy of Renai worshipping their Halfling patrons Firn, the Chilled Halfling and Garma, the Halfing of the Hearth, and others like Aegis worshipping Plospryn, The Thaw of Spring to a greater amount. However few gods have any great hatred towards other deities or their followers, even the opposition of the The Knotted Snake's gods seem to work for the balance rather than against each other. For more in-depth information on the pantheon, check out this overview article!
The Pantheon
Generic article | Jun 8, 2019

Beneath the Giants are the gods, those beings that have been uplifted and granted powers over the cosmos and the very fabrics of reality.


Who lives in Ithungsida?

  Ithungsida has been settled for countless millennia with the Elves having lived in every portion and every landscape before being driven back by the expanse of Man and Orc; the former fleeing the latter. With this, the largest contributions to the cultures in Ithungsida are these three races.   With Elven customs warped and changed into simpler and more direct ideals and understandings before being changed entirely into what are now known and seen as primarily Orcish customs, rituals, etc. Even their language is a simplified derivative of sylvan spoken in new strange ways but hauntingly similar. With these facts, even though orcs have been rendered extinct following The Orcish Incursion, their presence and history is still felt in the prominent usage of their language and culture.   Ithungsida in the modern sense, has countless species with a huge majority of Humans, separated by a wide gap are dwarves and elves. Even Half-Orcs are still common, with the species continuing on as a firm present on the continent. The rest find their own niche’s in the lands, from Aarakocra in the Feng Mountains to Tritons in the southern seas. Holy Aasimar revered and in temples, and Yuan-Ti seeking the return of their ancient empires.

Species of Ithungsida

Percentages for Species.

Estimated Population of Ithungsida30-40 Million (Percentages of Pop.)
Arydia - Ithungsida
The latest map of Ithungsida, made by our amazing Pumpkinhead9092!

What Countries are in Ithungsida?


Devout Monarchy of Renai

  The North-Eastern Kingdom of Renai is ruled by two ancient silver dragons that were powerful before the landing of the Fourth Fleet, having gained the direct favor of their respective gods eons before. Their presence and power are said to keep Renai frozen and left largely an uninhabitable tundra, but this overlooks the countless rural communities that thrive in these colder climates that are as much caused by the Draconic Duo as by the The Frost Giant of the North.   While the dragons hold the throne of Renai, their favored group holds the upper class; the country is dominated by a Halfling upper class infamous for a slight disdain to other races. The majority of the nation’s wealth comes from the incredible amount of material exports from the mines and fields of Renai, which is solidly reinvested into the largest food transportation network on the continent, sourcing food from as far as Forkden to feed their largest cities.
Organization | Apr 18, 2021

The Devout Monarchy of the north, Ruled by dragon emissaries of the gods and pious to a fault.

The Slavers of Forkden

  In the time before ForkMaw, the landscape was underpopulated and mainly filled with natives that lived in the ancient stone-walled cities that weathered the annual floods or on villages that were swept along the tides. With the spread of ForkMaw bringing countless people and industry to the region, the natives were largely displaced until the country found itself on the wrong side of the civil war and standing alone.   Due to the intense flooding that ravages the majority of the landscapes, Forkden is underpopulated outside of the massive urban centers that are it’s cities. Each and every city rivals the size and complexity of Araetule’s megacities. Only in forkden can a child grow to adulthood without seeing the sun, yet remain at all times “Above Ground. Some contention occurs with the prevalence of debt-based slavery in the nation that fuels the massive amount of industry in the region. Most slavery contracts are government ratified and are carefully applied to prevent abuse, with all retaining their humanity and most senses of decency beyond their promise of work to another.  
Organization | Apr 21, 2019

The slave powered society of the west, centered around ancient stone cities that weather the floods.


Feudal States of KravMaw

  Along the Dytikan Coast, there are countless small towns and areas that were constructed in the years after the Landing of the Fourth Fleet of Iwa. With the collected force of the Iwan fleet flooding into Ithungsida as an unintended colonization effort, the humans of the region were quickly civilized from their tribal existence into something worthy of being called a race. From these seeds, Forkmaw rose into being, a human based civilization that went on a cleansing purge of the rest of the continent to force the mass of Orcs from their ancestral homes.   After the civil war, the lands of Kravmaw recessed and began consolidating power in various structures under their monarchy, the lands were segregated into the power of lords and duchies that spread to cover the land and have bickered since. The majority of the land is covered in massive fields of farms, with the megalopolises of the nation being primarily of Dwarven construction.   Many of the larger cities look from afar like pyramids rising into the sky due to the construction of the various buildings within and the thought of keeping the center of the cities as the best vantage points to see the Celestial Giants in the night sky.  
Organization | Apr 29, 2019

The Six-Fingered Monarchy of the Dytikan Coast.

Remniscent Monarchy of SosIwa

  SosIwa, remembering Iwa. With the Landing of the Fourth Fleet of Iwa, Dwarves found their way to the land of Ithungsida. They settled on the Dytikan coast and got their bearings, but hearing tell of a range of endless mountains that reach into the very heavens, many set out to find them. Just eight years after their arrival, the dwarves had found their new home, and they christened it; SosIwa. SosIwa is the oldest non-elven nation on the continent. While some may argue the age of Renai to be greater, the fact that it wasn't populated or active when SosIwa was gives the dwarves the prize.   In the ensuing thousand years, SosIwa has fully colonized the Feng Mountains, digging room for cities beneath it, and bringing the native Aarakocra and Goliath populations into the fold of the Kingdom. SosIwa has also built cities in a number of the foothills of the mountains, such as parts of the Southern Desert and a portion of the Frost Shield.   Much of the population of SosIwa considers their familial chain to maintain their honor, and as such, it isn't uncommon for a dwarf to introduce themselves with their name and a significant relative or fore bearer. This maintains as a heavy part of the culture within SosIwa.  
Organization | Apr 30, 2019

Those descended from Iwa, found in the grand mountains they call their homes.


The Technologically Gifted of Araetule

  Araetule, the modern remnants of a historical technological powerhouse, now long destroyed. While the technologically advanced democratic nation has recovered greatly, it still bears the deepest scars of tragedy. Over 450 years ago, mortal armies and divine will joined together to utterly destroy Araetule, it's works, it's culture and its people. Yet, Araetule stands against the sands of time. The Megacities of Broken Dams and Burnt Walls built over the devastated corpses of Bitegia and Togasei...   Originally, Araetule was founded after Forkmaw's massive civil war. Each side of the conflict donating the cities of Bitegia and Togasei as well as their associated territories to the foundation of a land under the careful ministrations of their sister, Hongden's only daughter, Araelia. ForkMaw's massive civil war was the catalyst for the quick growth of the new cities. The examples of her solid leadership lasting through the eons even as it was refounded and rebuilt after the destruction.  
The Technologically Gifted of Araetule
Organization | Oct 22, 2018

Elven Collective of Uuku.

  The Elven Forest predates everything else on Ithungsida. Even the elves only have a vague knowledge of how long the forest has been settled. Some say that the forest once covered the entirety of Ithungsida, but the orcs tore the Southern Desert to pieces and the gods sunk the Southern Floodlands pushing them back.   Now, the Elven Forest of Uuku maintains it’s borders and continues to maintain it’s lands.  
Elven Collective of Uuku
Organization | Jun 8, 2019

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