Inktober 2019 Day 19: Sling

Today's Prompt:

A helpful item for the infirm and the maimed. A vernacular phrase derived from the common language. In their titular story David slew Goliath with his sling, cementing his position as the epitomical underdog. Sometimes a sling is just an object, and sometimes it’s the maker of legends. What is it to your world?

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19 Oct, 2019 15:36

Another journal article for a character in a campaign.

Co-creator of the fantasy worlds Isekai & Seireitei
Co-creator of the TTRPG System Storybook
Ariel Webster
19 Oct, 2019 16:15
19 Oct, 2019 19:36

A couple small updates for this one (a secret and made a few corrections). Sling reference is in the clickable secret. (I try to make them super easy to find so it's fast and fun.)

Matsuo Eiji
Character | Mar 4, 2022

Assistant manager at TaniMart. Wants to start his own dojo. Doesn't let on about his heritage.

Visandar the Unliving
Visandar the Unliving
19 Oct, 2019 21:00

Don't sling alchemist's fire around carelessly, you may accidentaly burn down everything you own, including yourself  

19 Oct, 2019 22:03

Another stub, because I'm having a hard time with muse today

Insulating Mesh
Technology / Science | Dec 3, 2020

Zeke Lionhart
Luiz Henrique P. de Carvalho
20 Oct, 2019 02:34

With the once high costs to make healing potions, the Artalgnian Empire created a cheap alternative for its subjects in Arcanopia. Its healing effects are questionable, causing vertigo and dormancy. Still, the "kneeling potion" is sold today in Archana as a common sling.

20 Oct, 2019 02:38

Species | Aug 5, 2020

A six-limbed, sapient race from Nephemir, Alia, Sirus, and Yajemir

Revised a very old article for today, this time with a baby sling

20 Oct, 2019 03:31

Overall airships, before I break it down into any available types. Was feeling bad it was a stub, but a stub is all I needed for this one really.

Vehicle | Jul 24, 2020

Airships are stable and classy vehicles of travel, for both passengers and cargo.

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Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
Kelissana Eralyn
20 Oct, 2019 05:09

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
20 Oct, 2019 06:19

An interesting one.

Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
20 Oct, 2019 13:58

I added two sections to a previous inktober article for this prompt. The Cabinet of Wonders and The Sentinel Sling.

The Enchanted Inn
Building / Landmark | Jul 22, 2021

One of the most popular establishments in Miraiy.

Author of Ealdwyll, a fantasy world full of mystery.
20 Oct, 2019 14:06

Dalen Tuana slinging insults at his poor wife :(

Inktober 19 - Sling by Isaac Thompson

Writer of Tiyu Amara, and The Last Line
20 Oct, 2019 22:10

Late, but at least I'm catching up the prompts! So here is the sling one.

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Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
Hey look, I have a CYOA maybe you wanna play it? :3
21 Oct, 2019 07:15
21 Oct, 2019 12:19

dangit   Spellswing also works here. Can it count?

22 Oct, 2019 15:32

Day 19: SLING is DONE!! or

Your New Author Friend =)
Come see Wanted:Hero
Eric Ehlers
24 Oct, 2019 18:37
25 Oct, 2019 16:38

Whether you may be a veteran with your arm in a sling or a child who has lost their parents, armists will look after you and keep you safe.

Profession | Oct 25, 2019

Dr Jimothy
Jimmy Shrekson
25 Oct, 2019 17:16

26 Oct, 2019 16:13

Pretty basic, but still something.

Drew Peppley
27 Oct, 2019 23:33

28 Oct, 2019 01:23

Hmmm, very small nub for this one. Orc Baby Sling

28 Oct, 2019 23:26

Day 9 & 19: Swing & Sling I wrote up a sling for the prompt today.

30 Oct, 2019 10:31

31 Oct, 2019 02:19


1 Nov, 2019 04:25
1 Nov, 2019 15:48

3 Nov, 2019 20:09

The second story written for Inktober. This time I've got the story in one article with separate headings for the different prompts included

the hunt
Prose | Nov 3, 2019