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Insulating Mesh

The earliest forms of insulating mesh were woven out of the wool and undercoats of Basket Horns, which were spun into threads individually and then woven together. The ancient standard was that the wool formed the warp and the undercoat formed the weft. The weave varied by clan (some favoring a satin-esque weave, others favoring a twill, most commonly 1/2 or 2/1), and it was sometimes said that one could tell the clan of origin of a piece of fabric with sufficient scrutiny.   In modern times, the mesh can be manufactured by a machine that fits it specifically to an individual (as determined by a scanner) and woven onto their person out of synthetic fibers. The modern mesh is capable of self-sealing at certain places, but can still be punctured and torn.   This type of mesh is standard issue for Soldiers as an integral part to a set of Battle Armor, as a layer of protection against overheating. It is also used by Ship's Technicians and available at low or no cost to anyone wishing to visit an alien planet with possibly hostile atmospheric and climate conditions.


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