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The "Peacetime" Uniform

Distinct form Stenza plate armor, the uniform is worn by mechanics, weapons specialists, some manufacturers, many soldiers and officers, and Infantry Drones when running routine duties such as security or maintenance work, as well as non-routine but not-immediately-hostile duties, such as investigations. Distinct also from the dress uniform, as these are designed for durability in the face of both harsh weather conditions and whatever chemicals an individual might encounter.   A uniform like this is printed with a unique camouflage design which can come in several colors: for desert/arid landscapes, for forests, for icy environments, just to name a few. The pouches and pockets are designed for easy access to any tools the wearer might need while on their mission, and there is at least one belt to hold small arms in case of danger.

Manufacturing process

During manufacture, the fabric is either printed or woven with the pattern and color. Steel-reinforced thread is used for the seams, such that as little fabric is wasted as possible. Put together piecewise, with the pouches attached last, it is generally created to specific sets of sizes for both men and women. (Occasionally, a custom size must be used, but this costs slightly more.)
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Raw materials & Components
The fabric is a canvas-like material designed to be both light-weight and durable, and also retains the temperature-controlling properties of the mesh. The uniform is held together with steel-reinforced thread.

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