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Environmental Protection Suit

The environmental protection suit (EPS) is a miniaturized version of Battle Armor dyed or painted bright Ṣef̂ǒl yellow, a color that the blue/yellow seeing Stenza can easily pick out of a host of environments. The EPS is worn by pups and young children whenever they might be entering an environment that is drastically different from Mudewei, such as an alien planet (or into a field of battle, which is very rare as a risk but not one the Stenza take for granted).

Manufacturing process

The Automated Mesh Weaving Machine is never used on pups directly, but instead on dummies approximating average pup sizes. (It should be noted that young children outfitted with an EPS are trusted to be able to stand still, with adult supervision.) These woven base garments rarely fit a pup perfectly, but are considered the best possible option given the circumstances. The garment is then dyed with Ṣef̂ǒl pigment until it is bright yellow.   The mineral plate components, including the mask, are grown into specific molds and also painted or tinted Ṣef̂ǒl yellow once they are ready. Fewer mineral components are manufactured compared to adult Battle Armor, and the entire coiled underlayer is omitted for the EPS. Both of these changes are geared toward increased flexibility while ensuring that key areas like the torso and head are protected should anything happen.


The EPS is a strictly practical garment, granting pups visibility and protection in otherwise chaotic and dangerous environments, but its use of bright yellow pigment is in line with how the dye is used to mark the uniforms of medical doctors, weapons technicians, and other professions requiring people to be easily recognized. Therefore, while pups roaming about a ship traveling through space, or a settlement on Mudewei, need not be protected by an EPS, the EPS is required for unknown environments, environments known to run dangerously hot, or other dangerous situations.
Item type
Subtype / Model
Related Technologies
Owning Organization
Spare environmental protection suits can be found on any ship where pups are expected to sneak aboard (which is to say, any ship), as well as in many homes. The difficulties that come with suiting pups up, or finding them to begin with, are considered an attendant nuisance of space travel and interplanetary affairs, and a necessary step before pups are allowed to go anywhere without climate control (such as the surface of an alien planet).
Raw materials & Components
The base layer of Insulating Mesh is a woven textile, and unlike armor, the coiled layer is neglected entirely. However, reinforced mineral-based plates are still used, especially to protect vital areas such as the torso and head. Lastly, a cooling unit is always attached to the suit to assist in body temperature regulation.

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25 May, 2021 00:06

On one hand: Aaaaawwww <3 On the other hand: Nooo no pups on the battlefield D:   I really like the concept (and the mention that they cannot use automated meshing machines on the pups, I assume because they cannot keep themselves quiet)   What happens if an enemy spots a child or pup with these outfits on the battlefield?

25 May, 2021 03:17

It's one of those things that could happen and does happen rarely.   Pups absolutely cannot sit still, which is crucial to a successful weaving machine experience.   I've thought very briefly about that, and my thoughts are quite dark... I suspect the vengeance will be swift, is my initial reaction to the question.

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
25 May, 2021 06:53

Nice article, I like the concept of pups getting their own "armour" to make them highly visible :D   Do the outfit also comprise the mask like the adult version?   When are the pups expected to wear this? Only when people know in advance that a battle is taking place nearby?

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25 May, 2021 15:32

Yes, there is a mask.   Pups are mostly expected to wear this when they're going to go somewhere that isn't Mudewei, as it's mostly used to help them maintain their temperature in environments the Stenza are not evolved for. That's the primary purpose for this thing.

25 May, 2021 15:31

If I know one thing about pups, it is that they definitely need to be visible at all times. ESPECIALLY IF THEY GET ON A BATTLEFIELD.

25 May, 2021 15:45

They hate getting in these things but it's for their own good.

25 May, 2021 17:37

Always for protecting the precious pups! I know you say the garment is bright yellow - but don't explicitly state why. It might help a newbie to your world. <3

25 May, 2021 18:14

Thanks :D

25 May, 2021 20:17

I love the fact that there's such a thing as an Automated Mesh Weaving Machine! It also makes complete sense that it's never used on pups directly, I think it's physically impossible in any universe for kids to sit still long enough for something like that to work without catastrophe xD   I like that it's dyed bright yellow for visibility too!

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26 May, 2021 14:59

Kids are just full of energy, I swear.   They can't hide forever dressed like that.

27 May, 2021 02:27

Aww! I love this idea! Sometimes you just need something mark children and keep them safe. I'd love to see a little more detail on when these suits are meant to be used, and how common they might be.

27 May, 2021 22:10

Thank you <3

Sage Dejers
Dejers Garth
29 May, 2021 18:02

Short and sweet!   However, this does feel like it requires a bit more information about your world to really understand what's happening and the significance of that information. Does the EPS protect against vacuum?

3 Jun, 2021 16:15

Nice article! I love the idea of the pups just being unable to sit still so they have to use dummies to make them. Losing those pups on a ship must be quite annoying too!

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4 Jun, 2021 19:52

It's a good thing pups are always connected to the collective knowledge, isn't it? They become a lot easier to track that way :D   I think kids not being able to sit still is either very common or universal.

12 Jun, 2021 11:54

Someone DID think of the children!

13 Jun, 2021 20:38

:D I figured someone finally had to