Seconvale Church of Rhamnasia

The first, and currently only temple to the goddess Rhamnasia in pondera, this temple is a holy site for those worshipers who follow her teachings closely. Owned and operated by the paladin Rea Dai'Gishkin, and operated in part by the scholar Milla Dionaea, the temple holds services every day, as well as performs basic miracles of healing, and a safe place of worship.

As the owners are beautiful in their own right, travelers outside of their religion usually stop and admire the two as they travel. Knowing they do not have to be a true worshiper, and learning the benefits of believers does help them to stay and listen. On non-busy days, Rea is also known to use her spells and auras alone to help those in the greatest of needs. It is also a meeting place for anyone who believes that someone is possessed, with need of exorcism, or where one can find comfort along their travels, for a small place to rest without an entrance fee.

The temple is a small church, able to sit a maximum of 40 people, with an open concept. The roof stands on pillars made of limestone that are decorated with angelic decor, with a small off-white stone mosaic on the floor with the holy symbol of Rhamnasia, a pair of severed angel wings, taking up the majority of the space. The roof of the temple is also simple, made from clay tiles that have been guaranteed to last longer then the building itself ever could, at about one hundred years. Thanks to this temple being designated as a holy site, Demons, Devils, spirits and the undead usually attempt to avoid this business. When not receiving coin as a donation to the temple, people will usually leave a few coin to the temple via a donation bin.

Purpose / Function

Created as a means of keeping track of those within the city who might wish to harm mortal kind. Rea Dai'Gishkin created the church as a safe haven and place of healing among the larger churches in the upper district. For those of the middle and poor district in seconvale, it became a place of worship for the majority of the pantheon, especially after the huge amount of politics involved in the upper district temples.
Temple / Church
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