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Goddess Rhamnasia

Rhamnasia is the goddess of Exorcism and spiritual protection. Currently, Rhamnasia has a single church throughout all of pondera, yet has quite the following due to her presence within The Pondarac Pantheon as a minor known figure and legend.

Divine Domains

Sun, Law, Good, Exorcism, Martyr

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A pair of severed angel wings bleeding from the stubs.

Tenets of Faith

Rhamnasia is a very strange minor deity within the ponderac. She preaches only one tenet of faith. "Remove evil from the world." And that is all. It is her philosophy, that removing true evil from the world, will bring forth not only salvation for those who pass on into the afterlife, but for those in the Prime Material Plane as well.
What is more important to Rhamnasia, is instead her offers for her truest believers. Those who scour the earth, helping those in need and spreading her name by slaying all of the darkest creatures of the night.
"For those who follow me, my teachings, and do good upon this world, heed my words. Upon your passing, I will greet you myself, and offer you two choices. The first, is an afterlife free of worry and strife, surrounded by those you love... But this will not be under my protection. Instead, Tutella, my own mother shall protect you as she does for all life. However, should you choose, and are a capable warrior in life, I will put your skills to good use. You shall join me, and rise from your death as an angel, and together, we will fight the hoards of the hells until our last breath. But, it is you who make the choice.

Because of this one promise, Undead, Demons, or anything that suppresses the spirit or controls a body against their will has been actively hunted by worshipers of Rhamnasia. The church has relaxed  

Rhamnasia makes only one promise. If you believe in me, you are under my protection from those who threaten the sanctity of life itself. Undead and demons, or anything that will suppress their spirit and control the body of a living being, or even defile the dead, is actively hunted by the clerics and paladins of Rhamnasia. She teaches that all life has one opportunity to make a difference, and that life is sacred. Undead and demons are immoral and indecent for society, and so her followers actively hunt them down. Though she does not ask, though it is tradition for anyone to pay for the services of a cleric of Rhamnasia, or to make a tithe to help them on their everlasting journey.

Because of the more mobile lifestyle that followers practice, more open romantic relationships are acceptable throughout the faith. It is not uncommon to find clerics or paladins worshiping Rhamnasia with multiple romantic partners, or even being wed to numerous parties.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Rhamnasia used to believe that no matter what, the universe could not be safe unless those who inhabit it, were also safe from any, and all creatures of Infernium and Ummortu, who could possibly do them harm. Over the first century of her divinity, and hundreds of years of her life, she had the sole goal of complete and utter anihilation.
All of this changed with Rea Dai'Gishkin, the paladin who changed the mind of a goddess. After she had brought the erinyes Ariel back from complete and total corruption with love, Rhamnasia determined that all creatures deserve a second chance to do good, even when born as evil incarnate. Should any vile creature attack her, she still slaughters them without mercy, but for those that sit, and talk, and do no harm to the innocents of the Prime Material Plane, she offers no malice, but instead, their own form of reincarnation in the afterlife. Rhamnasia herself has not yet succeeded in turning a single evil creature from good, but this is because her own experiences have been about fighting, and protecting the innocent, instead of bringing the guilty back from the brink.

Physical Description

Body Features

Bronze skin, with an aura of light surrounding the head.

Apparel & Accessories

Rhamnasia never wears clothing, only the armor necessary to rid the world of evil, always ready for a fight in her nearly white, shining chainmail. She wields her Falchion, the vengeful Tairniduct, who gleams a stained blue upon its blade, while still holding the fires of red vengeance out the back.
Divine Classification
Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Exorcist, The Fallen, The Risen, The Vengeful, The Hand of Tutella
Year of Death
348 AC
Circumstances of Death
Rose to Divinity
Short, Black
Aligned Organization


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