Rea Dai'Gishkin

Lady Ambassador Rea Dai'Gishkin

A paladin of Rhamnasia.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Scar on thumb after it was severed from an otherworldly invader from a strange hellgate. Regrown from magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a pair of traveling monks, Rea grew up in a state of travel from a very early time in her life. Her family were always staunch supporters and worshipers of Rhamnasia, and would travel between towns to help with whatever they could.




After having a small passion for athletics in her youth with her parents, she started her true education after being folded into a ponderac church. There, she learned of her faith, of medicine, and most importantly, refined her fantastic abilities of communication. Sisters and brothers alike in her church would joke that they saved her from becoming a politician, and using her words as an act of worship and faith instead of greed and political know-how.
It was after Rea turned 16 that she was found to be capable of becoming a full paladin. She was given a tutor, and traveled most of eastern Ekklisia. There they learned of the different demons, how to vanquish them, and after three years of study, became inducted into the Order of the Rose to help fight against those who would tarnish good.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws



Exceptionally high. Maintains a sense of cleanliness for herself and others daily.


Family Ties

The Dai'Gishkin family consists of 4 matrons, all of whom respect and admire the others intimately. Ariel Spawnslayer Dai'Gishkin was her first wife, and mother of her only child. Ariel was an Erinyes before meeting Rea, and after a long courtship, and relationship, she eventually reverted back into a justicar. Ariel is the primary breadwinner of the family, due to her supernaturally amazing baking skills, that she learned from thousands of years of practice in The Abyssal Realms.
Milla Dai'Gishkin was the 2nd wife, a half fey, was jealous of the courtship and quick marriage of Ariel while she herself was also in a relationship with Rea, It is commonly believed that between the four wives, Milla is the most dominant and scholarly of the four, able to pull random trivia on what she read about the history of the world from whatever task any of them seem to be performing
The third wife is Glenda Lumaris Dai'Gishkin. Originally met as a lich from Elulaith while Rea and her party were adventuring through the realm looking for Kaelyn Ar'Khalis. They met and instantly bonded with one another throughout the 6 months the party spent in the realm. Before leaving Elulaith, Glenda gifted Rea her Phylactary, went back to her own realm, and performed a ritual to allow a portal to open up between their realms. It is unknown what happened to Glendas realm after she left. Glenda is an extrodinarily talented wizard, helping the other three out in any magical affairs, including some enchantments to ensure that there are no more wives being added to the family. Weither Rea knows about these enchantments or not is open to debate.
Rea is mother to both Nahemah Dai'Gishkin and Jessamine Dai'Gishkin.

Wealth & Financial state

Owner of Seconvale Church of Rhamnasia
Maintains a fortune and church tithe of around 10kgp.
Co-Owner of The Fat Mermaid
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Knight of Rhamnasia.
Ambassador of Drakenvald.
The Giant Defender, popular title granted to her after the successful defence of Seconvale, The City of Smiles.
Year of Birth
581 AC 44 Years old
Current Residence
Seconvale, The City of Smiles
Blonde, Shoulder Length. Seems to shimmer like gold in the right light.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sun Kissed
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I'm smart! I'm just not... book smart."
"I mean, it's not like we were just gonna give up on our friend, yknow?"
"You! Shall! Not! Pass! Me!!"~ as orcs attempt to pass her at the battle of seconvale.
"I'm not mad darling, just disappointed you'd sleep with such a bitch."


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