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Potion Catapults

(Legacy Content)
Potion Catapults are crossbow-like devices built originally by alchemists to fire potion-filled capsules at allies or enemies depending on the situation at hand. The capsules are made of a stiff, alchemical gel-like substance which splatters harmlessly on impact, delivering their contents to the target. And while not designed for it, the Catapult can sling actual potion bottles, albeit with difficulty due to different shapes and aerodynamic features of the individual bottles.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A Potion Catapult works in much the same way as a crossbow, with the only difference being the bolt serving is replaced with a capsule cup. The Catapult works but applying tension on the bowstring by pulling it and the Catapult limbs back. The string is then held in place by a spring hooked onto an attachment on the back of the capsule cup. When the trigger is pulled, the spring releases the cup, and the tension in the bowstring launches the projectile.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Length: 24" (609 mm), Undrawn Width: 32" (812 mm)
Base Price
200 Sanctums
Raw materials & Components
Potion Catapults are typically made from similar materials that normal crossbows are made from, typically a body of wood with limbs of iron or steel, some manner of fiber for the string, and a flexible material for the capsule cup. All of these can be exchanged for different materials to achieve different effects.


Author's Notes

This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Sling."

A wonderful gizmo for any alchemist! Need to heal your buddies from afar so your hide isn't risked as well? Done with ease! Want to hurl some fire into that disgusting ogre's face? No problem! Feel like tossing your tiny companion across a chasm? Don't know why, but hey! - we won't question your uses! Get yourself a Potion Catapult today!

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