the hunt

Weapon of choice

#19: Sling

Aaring worked the leather just as quickly as she always did. As the other warriors were busy sharpening their spears, she shaped a piece of leather.

One of her friends came over and she knew he was going to comment on her weapon, as he always did.

"You can choose any weapon from the kings arsenal, and still you choose wield a sling of your own making."

Aaring rolled her eyes as exaggeratedly as she had gotten used to do. "Considering I've gotten more kills with my sling than you have with your sword you should be the last person to talk."

Krinn clasped his chest and gasped loudly. "Such a low blow from you, I'm shocked!", he exclaimed, making Aaring think that he should consider a career in theatre.

Both stared at each other with placid faces before bursting out with laughter.

The laughter was cut short when the lookout shouted: "Here it comes! It's a big one!"


#16: Wild

"Alright, you know what to do. Aim for it's head and avoid touching it.", the captain said to the platoon, "Take your positions!"

Immediately 15 pairs of feet moved over the top of the hill, positioning themselves to meet the incoming monstrosity.

The shape charging up the hill was large, easily as large as a bull, with it's shape poorly defined due to the dark, fur-like cover over it's body.

Its four legs misshapen did not seem to slow it down. The maw filled with teeth could tear a horse apart if it wanted and above the four, red eyes make the head a thing of terror to behold. The growling told everyone it's intention, to get the bait set at the top if the hill.

A turn, a stone

#30: Catch

Aaring was gently swaying her sling back and fourth, waiting for the beast to close the distance.

Within a second she made a judgement and swung the sling around once before releasing the projectile, which flew over the helmets of the frontline and into the front leg of the Moldbrute.

It roared defiantly at the group as it moved towards them, not slowing down.

A frown could be seen on Aarings face as she loaded another projectile.

As the frontline aimed their spears the second projectile flew, hitting one of the eyes.

Immediately the brute jerked its head around, slowing its charge while howling.

Seeing their opportunity the other soldiers charged in, spears aimed at the head. Some hit their intended target, but many missed the head as it shook it violently side to side.

Aaring had another projectile loaded, but a soldier was in the way. "Krinn, duck!"

Krinn reacted quickly, taking a step back while lowering his head, trusting Aarings judgement. The trust was not misguided as Aaring swung the sling around once more, allowing the projectile to fly straight into the forehead of the Moldbrute, dazing it.

The other soldiers immediately took advantage, thrusting their spears into the head as quickly as they could manage.

Suddenly there was a crack, and everyone in melee range dropped their weapons and hastily backed off. The head off the Moldbrute had cracked open, spilling smelly, grey goo all over as the Moldbrute moved through its death throws.

The Moldbrute was basically being ignored by the warriors, as they started making sure that no one caught any of the grey goo.

Side business

#25: Tasty

The ground around the Moldbrute had been covered by mould by the time the soldiers had made sure that their garments were not getting mouldy.

The captain spoke up: "Well done. Way more painless than the last one. Let's pack up and inform the town that it has been dealt with."

Everyone went over the hilltop again to get their gear while cheerfully talking with each other.

The cheerful feeling turned into alarm when Aarings sling snapped with intent to kill.

Looking back they could see Aaring walking towards the forest through the grass with sling in hand. "What's wrong, Aaring?", Krinn said.

Aaring lent down. "I thought you'd like dinner that isn't mouldy.", she responded with a big smile, holding up a dead hare.

The others started laughing heartily. Krinn managed to say something between the laughs: "That would be absolutely fantastic!"

The second story written for Inktober 2019.


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