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Mochi's SC23 Pledge


I, Mochimanoban, pledge to write 40 articles in Summer Camp 2023 and achieve the Diamond badge, and I will support the community in every way I can throughout the entire month.
— Very Excited Me

This will be my third Summer Camp! I'd like to think at this point I am a seasoned worldbuilder and know how Summer Camp generally goes. I have the entire month off so I am looking forward to relaxing and going for diamond!

My focus will be the A to Zoo. If there is a prompt that can easily fit in the world then I will write in this world, but if I have to squeeze one and twist one to make it fit, I won't bother and I will just write something in the Yonderverse. Last year I burnt out writing in Jerna's Diary, a world that had quickly become my favourite. I do not want this to happen again with my new favourite world.

Dewy Diamonds Badge by Strixxline

Camp Feral

The ever so amazing Polina "Line" Arteev has created Camp Feral this year! This camp is for those who are simply so excited by Summer Camp they plan to devour every prompt at the moment of release like a rabid raccoon. Not my words, see for yourself here.

Dewy Diamonds

Dewy Diamonds is a little goal-oriented initiative geared towards those who strive specifically for the Diamond badge in SummerCamp, but are aiming to maintain a Camp Chill mindset. The Dewy Diamonds were created by Polina "Line" Arteev, while Camp Chill is an Annie Stein creation.
I might be feral for Summer Camp, but I want to relax during the challenge hence why I am in both clubs. :D
Table of Contents
Writing Goal
Diamond (all 40 articles)
Reading Goal
Keeping up to date with notifications
Camp Feral Badge by Strixxline

Revisiting Previous Years


2021 will always be a great year for Summer Camp, since it was my first ever Summer Camp and first ever big event on World Anvil. I joined in late March this year, and the Summer Camp was such an amazing time since I really fell in love with the community then. I foolishly decided to aim for Triple Diamond that year, and failing miserably. I wrote about 60 articles, which is an amazing feat, don't get me wrong, but the articles weren't the best either.

Despite my foolish goal, I had a lovely Summer Camp and it really was what kept me in this community.


This year I tried once again to do Triple Diamond. I failed again. I also reached about 60 articles, and I'm surprised I wrote this much considering I was on holiday at the start, and end, of the month. Once again I chose quantity over quality, and I'm still in the process of rewriting the articles to make them much better, haha.

Summer Camp 2022 was the first time I ever won a prize for my writing! I won the prompt "An organization considered cruel or monstrous by some". I wrote about a clandestine organisation that "studied" lifeforms that escaped the Horror Dimension. Even though I think the article I wrote was lacking, I am so proud of myself and my prize, the Yonderverse Header, is still in use to this day.

Theme 1: Power

This is a very loose theme from the sounds of it. Power can refer to physical strength, which is entirely situational; a mouse has much more power than something the size of an atom. Power can refer to political power, or power dynamics, both of which have had little impact in the Yonderverse and is something I wish to expand upon.

My first thought on this theme is that there isn't much way I can tie this to ecosystems or species, which is what I enjoy writing most. Therefore I may not enjoy this theme the most, but I am still looking forward to expanding on parts of my world I probably haven't touched on much, and developing things I would not have even considered to develop.

The Oanie & Karkhala

One of the most powerful people in the Yonderverse are the oanie. Their home planet is Karkhala, which has been completely transformed into a blend of natural environments and megacities, coexisting in harmony. They believe themselves to be superior to all other people in the Yonderverse, and since they are technologically superior to most they have taken over uninhabited planets, stripping them of their resources, and using it for their own benefit.

They have possibly the worst reputation in the Yonderverse, since they often try to kick people off their native planets. They always stay within the laws and so nobody can actually do anything about it unless they too want to get in trouble, so people just have to accept the oanie are always around the corner, waiting for you to die so they can take your leftovers.

It would be super fun to dive into some of the worldbuilding around these powerful people, especially since they are so important to the Yonderverse. Plus, who doesn't love a bit of drama?

Theme 2: Frontiers

Interesting theme! Wasn't sure on what frontiers really were before this theme was announced, but I'm glad it can be interpreted in many different ways.

The Edge of the Yonderverse

My first thought was the Edge of the Yonderverse. Nobody really knows what's beyond it, since nobody has ever reached it. Nobody even knows if it's a real place, but everybody wants to go there because of the stories.

One particular location I've mentioned and written about is Nin Tara. This mythical location is a cave made of nothing, dug into the very Edge of the Yonderverse. Supposedly inside is the greatest treasure one could imagine. This alone tempts the foolish into venturing into the depths of space to retrieve this treasure, but nobody ever makes it.

Districts 2, 3, and the Ignited Wall

In the livestream where this theme was announced, it was discussed that frontiers can be culturally subjective. This made me think of Districts 2 and 3 in Aavar's River, one of the most important geographic locations in the Yonderverse. The two Districts contain an unimaginable amount of solar systems, and are cut off from each other by the Ignited Wall. To those in District 2, the wilds beyond the Ignited Wall can never be explored due to it being too dangerous and full of wild, incredible powerful creatures.

This is true, but there are still people that call this place home and might not enjoy having their home called a wilderness, too dangerous to even be stepped upon. Or maybe they like it that way, it's something I could potentially explore with the prompts under this theme.

Universal Clock

This would be particularly interesting to write about. I've not written a single word about it in the Yonderverse yet, but the present date in the whole universe is actually the first point of the year 0, what ever the smallest measurement of time is. For hundreds of years, scientists, engineers, and all those fellas have been working on a device that would reset all time, to one specific date. This would be known as the Universal Clock, which every person on every planet, everywhere, would follow.

It would be fun to write about what happens as the scientists are on the precipice of this scientific breakthrough, since it's so important to my world and I haven't written anything about it. In fact, I only came up with the idea a week or so ago.

Theme 3: Relics

The Yonderverse is 640 billion years old, so without a doubt there are some important relics floating about. I was very excited to see this theme be revealed as the History of the Yonderverse is something I've only properly figured out and worked on recently.


3.9 billion years ago in the Yonderverse, the kavaari existed. These people overpopulated their home planet, and because they were so highly adapted it would be hard to find a new planet to live on. They spent thousands of years in their spacecrafts, searching through the galaxies, looking for a planet that could host their fragile species.

Whatever planet these people landed on, they left relics. As evidence of their existence they would leave a ten metre statue of one of their leaders, which often results in these people become important figures in religions and cultures on many different planets.

Relics are an important part of history, for everything, not just the Yonderverse. Despite my setting's canonical age, I have not worked on it much, so I am hoping Summer Camp gives me a chance to flesh out the history of my entire universe, rather than just a single planet. As much as I enjoy fleshing out individual planets, I would like more of an understanding of the history of my world as a whole.

Theme 4: Communication

What a great last theme! People are stretched out so far away in the Yonderverse, and communicating over galaxies is literally the norm. Living in the Milky Way but have a bestie in the Pereleos Galaxy? Not an issue at all, there's so many ways of communicating. Unfortunately, I've not thought about how people communicate in space at all. This'll be the perfect time to, though!


As soon as I wrote the last sentence I was reminded of Utopia. Utopia is essentially the internet, but Yonderverse-wide. It consists of trillions of unique networking systems working in complete harmony to allow the people of this vast universe to communicate instantly with each other, regardless of the distance between them.

The article I linked to the right is still a stub - maybe I'll write it in Summer Camp!

I really don't have any major ideas on what I could explore with this theme. But what I do know is that I want to write articles that have an influence on my entire world, rather than just a planet or two. This includes Utopia, which would



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Grandmaster EBelt
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3 Jun, 2023 19:26

I wish you the best of luck, Mochi!

3 Jun, 2023 20:01

Thank you, you too! :D

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
3 Jun, 2023 19:39

Best of luck Mochi!! I'm quite sure that you're going to achieve you goal and that you're going to write awesome article as always!!

3 Jun, 2023 20:02

Thank you so much!! Best of luck to you too! <3

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Master EVTaurus
Valentine Myers
3 Jun, 2023 19:40

Woo-hoo! I believe in you Mochi!

3 Jun, 2023 20:02

Thank youuu! Good luck to you!

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
3 Jun, 2023 20:08

Yay, you got this! Looking forward to all the wonderful new things we get to read from you!

Maker of Maps |AP.Cartography
4 Jun, 2023 07:55

Thank youuu! <33 Good luck to you!

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
3 Jun, 2023 20:47

Go Mochi! And remember to no burn out!

4 Jun, 2023 07:56

No burning out for me this year >:) <3

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
3 Jun, 2023 21:40

Welcome to CAMP FERAL!!! Very excited about the vibes coming into this year's SummerCamp! ❤

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4 Jun, 2023 07:56


I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
4 Jun, 2023 08:50

Good luck with your summer camp writing! Seeing your rate of getting great articles out normally, I don't doubt you'll reach your goal of all 40 prompts - and I'm looking forward to reading them all!

4 Jun, 2023 09:57

Thank you so much!! <33 good luck to you!

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
4 Jun, 2023 12:05

Oh you over-achiever... we made the 8 extra prompts optional specifically as replacements! xD   Anyway, I'm excited to see what you do with the prompts! Good luck!

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4 Jun, 2023 12:57

You are giving me access to extra prompts, you can't be surprised that I'd try and answer them all! XD   Good luck to you too! <3

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
4 Jun, 2023 16:26

Wow, that's a goal. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but don't forget to have fun!

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4 Jun, 2023 17:23

Thank youu! I will definitely prioritise fun :D Good luck to you!

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
4 Jun, 2023 18:49

Such an impressive goal! But I have seen the astonishing rate at which your articles appear in Discord, so you seem very up to the challenge. The best of luck and I wish you lots of fun!

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5 Jun, 2023 13:12

Thank you so much! I'm sure I can write 40 articles, but I am worried about the reading goal hahaha. Best of luck to you too!

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
5 Jun, 2023 21:01

Happy to cheer you on too!

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5 Jun, 2023 22:07

thank youuu! <33 hope you have a great summer camp!

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5 Jun, 2023 22:38

Best of luck!

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6 Jun, 2023 17:14

Thank you! You too!

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Sage nnie
Annie Stein
6 Jun, 2023 07:13

Happy summercamp, Mochi!   I think there's absolutely a way to use power for ecosystems and species! In that context, my mind goes to how there's prey, predators, and superpredators, or the lynchpin species that end up shaping their entire ecosystem. There's power there too!   I think once we get the prompts, you'll find some way to make them fit in perfectly!

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Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore! | Worldember
6 Jun, 2023 17:16

Happy Summercamp! Yeah, there's definitely ways to use power for ecosystems and stuff like that, but it's just not the first thing that comes to mind when you think the word "power".   Good luck, excited to read what you write!

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
6 Jun, 2023 12:18

Looking forward to seeing your words! Good luck with Summer Camp!

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6 Jun, 2023 17:16

Thank you so much! Good luck to you too!

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
6 Jun, 2023 20:55

Is oanie pronounced like own-ee? Don't answer is you don't want unsolicited puns.

6 Jun, 2023 21:10

Pronounce it however you like, because if you pronounce it wrong you'll annoy them and they deserve it :P

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
6 Jun, 2023 23:27

Perfect! "oanie? more like MEANIE" "typical oanie, thinks all the planets say OWNME"   And to shake things up, "Yeah, I'm oanie... OH AND I hate the oanie!"

7 Jun, 2023 14:08

You've got this Mochi! :D :D I can't wait to see what you make!

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7 Jun, 2023 15:36

Thank you so much! <33

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
8 Jun, 2023 09:29

Good luck Mochi! \o/ You'll do awesome, I just know it. ^^

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8 Jun, 2023 14:02

Thank youuu! Good luck in Summer Camp if you participate!! <3

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Grandmaster Moonlight Bard
Haly the Moonlight Bard
8 Jun, 2023 20:47

Om-nom-nom-yom-yum-nom-num!! Oop! Sorry! Probably shouldn't gnaw the Thursday page off of my calendar trying to get to Saturday quicker. I'm really looking forward to this first set of prompts on Power, as this exploration is one of the things I'm really trying to focus on in my current world-building. At the same time, it's also a little frustrating because I am hesitant to start any new articles in case one of them would be relevant to Camp! LOL! Best of luck and warmest wishes toward all of our goals this July!!

9 Jun, 2023 04:23

XD Best of luck during Summer Camp!! I feel you, I am desperate for Saturday to come around xD Thank you for all the follows! I'll definitely be looking out for your articles to read :D

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
Grandmaster sunnybirdboi
Icarus Crow Prati
9 Jun, 2023 22:25

Good luck Mochi! Can't wait to see all the things you create!!

Happy WorldEmber to everyone participating! Spread the love with some comments!
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~ Icarus
10 Jun, 2023 06:50

Thank youuu!! Same to you! :D

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
11 Jun, 2023 14:39

Mochiiii~! Best of luck for summercamp this year. It looks like your homework is already well underway. The Oanie don't sound very great, and I am curious if there are a few individuals that stand out from the crowd for one reason or another? The subjectiveness of frontiers is certainly an interesting thing to explore, and it looks like you have a lot to write about on this which is great :)! Rooting for you!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
11 Jun, 2023 15:44

Thank you so much!! <333 your support means a lot to me :D there are definitely some oanie that stand out, and I have a few ideas for some so keep an eye out ;) best of luck in Summer Camp!!

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
11 Jun, 2023 23:32

Wow 40! Go get it! You’ve got this

12 Jun, 2023 05:40

Thank youu! Good luck to you too :D

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
25 Jun, 2023 03:57

Hooray! I made it to Mochi's pledge. That means at some point I will be able to hopefully read about some awesome creatures. Good luck with getting to 40, although with your past work, I know you got this.

25 Jun, 2023 08:07

I hope you enjoy my species, since we're bound to have a couple xD Hope you have a great Summer Camp! :D <3

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
26 Jun, 2023 07:40

Good Luck!
Come for the fun and stay for the diamonds ^^

26 Jun, 2023 08:35

Thank youu! Good luck to you too!

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
Autumn Riverwood
29 Jun, 2023 22:43

Good luck Mochi!! I can't wait to read all of your amazing articles! :D

30 Jun, 2023 08:13

Thank youu! <3

I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
4 Jul, 2023 14:19

Summer Camp is a go! You got this Mochi :)

Yours truly, Nino.
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4 Jul, 2023 15:19

Thank youu! <3

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