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Dewy Diamonds Badge

What is Dewy Diamonds?

Dewy Diamonds is a little goal-oriented initiative geared towards those who strive specifically for the Diamond badge in SummerCamp, but are aiming to maintain a Camp Chill mindset.   DIAMOND OR DIE was a common mantra among more die-hard SummerCampers for years and, while it can be fun, that can put pressure on certain users!   Annie Stein came up with Camp Chill, and it is the perfect little set of guidelines to help you have a relaxed and fun SummerCamp experience. Adding a specific goal (in this case, diamond) just requires a little extra work and some added support... which Dewy Diamonds should strive to give each other!  

Becoming a Dewy Diamond

It's really as easy as popping the badge on your pledge or your SummerCamp submissions. You don't even need to use it if you don't want to, but hey it's all fun!   [img:4576815]  
Some simple rules, so we know what we're about:
  • Strive for Diamond!
    It's okay if you don't get there in the end, but it should be the goal you're working towards!
  • Support your fellow dewdrops!
    We can all use a little support when we're aiming for big goals.
  • Bring love to the community!
    Engage with the community, leave likes and comments whenever you can!
  • Make time for self care.
    It is so easy to burn out during big events. Big hype can turn into overwhelm. Be a chill camper!
Where it Began!
This silly little camp for chill dewdrops of WorldAnvil was created during prep month for SummerCamp 2023, and introduced in this pledge & homework article here!   Come by and check it out to see what was cooking in Strixxline's bird brain!

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Dewy Diamonds Badge


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