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WorldEmber 2020 Pledge Document

Hi everyone, it me, Grace. WorldEmber is half a month away so it's time to PLAN!   I've worked on my world meta for the past couple of days, so now I've got an idea of what I want to use for articles this December. Since Limbo is a place that is 1) pretty central to my current novel project, 2) was last properly developed last WorldEmber and 3) not well developed since, it will get many new articles and some art!   The general overview of what new articles will be created is:
  • The six remaining Keepers - as I've already done Klaus Bergendorf for a previous competition;
  • The major auxiliary organizations of the Seven and what they do;
  • A couple other important people in the city;
  • Ranks and professions within the Seven's bureaucracy; and
  • Important locations in the Sunless City.
In addition, there will be a few other general articles that I've been itching to add or revamp. I haven't touched the Magical Forms, for instance, since I first started my WorldAnvil account 2.5 years ago, and most of those need a heavy amount of revision to bring them up to snuff. There's also a few interesting concepts that I haven't delved into deeply but are important for my current novel project like the Veras Crystal or Dimensional Corruption. If I find myself with nothing to do during this month, they'll get updated too...they won't show up here because they're already existing articles, obviously.   Without further's the WorldEmber List of Pledging, or as I like to call it, the WELP:  

WorldEmber List of Pledging

Article Name What's it about? Template Link Status
Koresh Amrohar Verhrun Keeper of the Cube of Life and General of the Chosen. Character Koresh Amrohar Verhrun Complete
Borenius Verathen Keeper of the Cube of Fire and one of Limbo's premier lawyers and judges. Character Borenius Verathen Complete
Istar Kayusu Keeper of the Cube of Wind and the current Ward Inspector. Character Istar Kayusu Complete
Birush Zakarul Keeper of the Cube of Earth and one of the top researchers at the Borarian Library. Character Birush Zakarul Complete
Alain Cúrani Keeper of the Cube of Lightning and an aficionado for rare and powerful artifacts. Character Alain Cúrani Complete
Gargu Farask Keeper of the Cube of Ice and a noblewoman of great renown beyond her role in the Seven. Character Gargu Farask Complete
The Seven's Chosen The military arm of the Seven who travel the cosmos to defeat the increasing demonic threat. Organization The Seven's Chosen Complete
The Scalegrey Institute A subsidiary of the Endless Sophos dedicated to the collection of statements relating to cultures throughout the multiverse. Organization Scalegrey Institute Complete
Department of Transport The guides and Portal Engineers that keep the Central Portal Office running smoothly. Organization Department of Transport Complete
The Council of the Keepers Main council of the city of Limbo composed of the Keepers, the Endaman Representative and various Department heads. Organization Council of the Keepers Complete
The Centre for Magical Studies The top research Department for the classification and study of magic, magical energy, mages and dimensions. Organization The Centre for Magical Studies Complete
The Filarwo Hospital Association The network of nurses and magical healers that help deal with magical or physical illnesses in the city. Organization The Filarwo Hospital Association Complete
The Endless Sophos The Department that is most well-known for its endless pursuit of knowledge relating to cultures, geography, botany and other less magical studies. Organization The Endless Sophos Complete
Department Head One of the most important members of the bureaucracy of the Seven, they lead one of its many Departments. Rank Department Head Complete
Master The vast majority of members of the Seven; these people have the most freedom of profession and movement. Rank Master Complete
Apprentice Those who have not completed the Gauntlet yet, and therefore have not completed a "basic" magical education. Rank Apprentice Complete
Clairvoyant Diviners in service to the people of the Sunless City of Limbo, powerful mages able to see the past, the present and the future. Profession Clairvoyant Complete
Portal Engineer Magical engineers who calculate and perform the necessary rituals to keep up the Portals of Limbo. Profession Portal Engineer Complete
Tester The people who help administer the test of the Gauntlet and mark the Apprentices taking it. Profession Tester Complete
The Gauntlet CLASSIFIED Tradition/Ritual The Gauntlet Complete
The Multiverse Review The premier newspaper that everyone's reading in the Sunless City. Document Multiverse Review Complete
Andrew Gillespie Head Editor of the Multiverse Review and always in search of the next big scoop. Character Andrew Gillespie Complete
Yantar Asarus Current Endaman Representative and interested in making some big changes. Character Yantar Asarus Complete
Veras Crystal Crystals found naturally on the world of Renath that can capture voices and sounds. Material Veras Crystal Complete
Dimensional Corruption When you travel to other dimensions, a little of you gets lost and replaced by...something else. Condition Dimensional Corruption Complete
Universal Translation Spell The elegant solution to the problem of thousands of tongues spoken in the multiverse. Spell Universal Translation Spell Complete
The Baited Goblet A dive bar just off of Main Street, well frequented by newcomers to the Sunless City. Landmark The Baited Goblet Complete
The Bloodied Chalice A popular meeting place for adventurers to get a drink and talk business, no matter where they're from. Landmark The Bloodied Chalice Complete
Sixten Gardens A combination of garden and cemetery where the people of the city relax and mourn. Landmark Sixten Gardens Complete
Filarwo Hospital The main centre for magical healing and study into magical diseases and conditions. Landmark Filarwo Hospital Complete
The Circum Academy The large skyscraper-like building where the Centre for Magical Studies does its work. Landmark The Circum Academy Complete
The Centre Portal Office Large round building that is the major transport hub of the Sunless City and the multiverse as a whole. Landmark Central Portal Office Complete
The Borarian Library of Archives A massive storage space for all of the collected writings and study of thousands of years of research into the multiverse and its wonders. Landmark Borarian Library of Archives Complete
The Argent Wards The large silver-coloured dome-shaped magical wall that keeps the city safe from the poisonous air of Limbo. Landmark The Argent Wards Complete
Sanctuary Common on Earth, these branches of the Seven help mages escape the turmoil of the multiverse to study and relax. Landmark Sanctuary In Progress
Each article will have at least 300 words, just like Summer Camp articles. I have a very large list here, and I can't guarantee that I'll get to all of them, but I will make a sincere attempt! If there are other cool article ideas that come up in the next few weeks, I'll add them to the WELP.   In general, I am hyped for WorldEmber despite *gestures vaguely at the state of the world* and I can't wait to get writing! Best of luck to competitors, and see you around the Anvil :)

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Nov 12, 2020 16:59 by Cryptoversal

Looks like a great list. Good luck!

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