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Inktober 2019 Day 16: Wild

Today's Prompt:

"Don't go north," they say, "The geography up there shifts." "Do not wander the woods," they say. "You'll develop a condition that turns your blood to ice and your dreams to nightmares." "Do not seek the creatures that way," they say, "they'll steal your face." The wild captures our wildest imaginations, what do people say of the wild of your world? Where is it?

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Oct 16, 2019 14:25 by Amy Winters-Voss

Settlement | Oct 5, 2023

A small close-knit town in Okayama Prefecture. Everyone here seems to have secrets.

This is is also an update. The main town/location only had a few words! This is the happening place - it needed more words!

Author of the Liminal Chronicles urban fantasy series | Author Website
Oct 16, 2019 19:28 by Visandar the Unliving

For today i bring you the carnivorous, marine, kobold like creatures, named black sea bloodlings. They are like humanoids piranhas and overwhelm their targets due to their sheer numbers  

Oct 16, 2019 23:23 by Kelissana Eralyn

Oct 17, 2019 00:44 by Kai

Oct 17, 2019 05:30 by Luiz Henrique P. de Carvalho

Orcish size

More prominent in cold climates where their ancestors had to use Fire magic often, Orcs are warriors by nature, a people that enjoying their emotions to the fullest. Consequently, they are often seen as dangerous, savage beasts.

Oct 17, 2019 06:07 by Grace Gittel Lewis

Something not abstract for once.

Oct 17, 2019 19:55 by Victoria Stone

Inktober19' #16: Onilwyn

Oct 17, 2019 20:24 by Eric Ehlers
Oct 18, 2019 07:00 by Asmod
Oct 18, 2019 15:15

Oct 19, 2019 04:26

Oct 19, 2019 16:12 by Ariel Webster
Oct 19, 2019 21:51 by Catoblepon

A bit late and bla bla bla... Sorry, I'm tired.

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Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
My world Shattered won as the "Most ground-breaking premise new world"!
Oct 20, 2019 13:47 by Isaac A. Thompson

A researcher surveying the wilderness of Kafan Outpost!

Inktober 16 - Wild by Isaac Thompson

Writer of Tiyu Amara, and The Last Line
Oct 20, 2019 16:38

I'm afraid this one is very dry. But work is work!

Species | Oct 20, 2019

Oct 21, 2019 10:51 by AP.

Definitely still a WIP!

Oct 22, 2019 15:28 by Jaime Buckley

16: WILD is done! or

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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Oct 24, 2019 03:55 by Drew Peppley

Decided to switch out the prose and write a new article, so I'll post them both just in case:

Oct 26, 2019 19:33 by Jimmy Shrekson

Oct 27, 2019 07:24

Oct 27, 2019 17:43

Not much for this one. Racing to catch up. 'Elder Forest'

Oct 29, 2019 20:03

A deadly disease first encountered on the fringes of civilization that can kill almost any creature with ease.

Blood Fever
Condition | Sep 10, 2022

A disease that causes rapid heat increases in the victim, boiling them from the inside out

Oct 30, 2019 04:07 by Dragon


Oct 30, 2019 10:51

Here are Therians, actually a pretty major species with control other whole countries, but still the wildest, independant-minded and proud.

Oct 31, 2019 21:40
Oct 31, 2019 22:40
Nov 1, 2019 15:46 by Terry-Lynn L

Nov 3, 2019 20:09 by Snake Venom

The second story written for Inktober. This time I've got the story in one article with separate headings for the different prompts included

the hunt
Prose | Nov 3, 2019