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Taur's Rage

Man often likes to seem himself above the creatures of the wild. But in combat when you fight for your very life, bestial rage and power don't seem so primitive anymore, do they?
— Master Helenia
  Soul and Beast Magic. A powerful and dangerous combination. In his never-ending quest to explore the mysteries of Mana, man has discovered the potential brought about by adapting aspects of the animal kingdom for ourselves. The result, aptly named Bestial Aspects are a versatile tool in any Beast Mages arsenal.  


  First sign of the spell's success is a bulging of the casters figure. Their muscles will expand, veins and arteries visible under the skin. The ground under their feet will give in slightly, forming a small crater. Their eyes wide, filled with a blazing rage.   Tens of times faster than before. Dozens of times stronger than before. A juggernaut with only a single goal: kill. But one would be foolish to think them a mindless beast. Filled with rage they may be but they do keep all their intelligence and experience. The amount of spells one can cast in such a state is limited. Spells which require precision are impossible while those of more destructive nature can easily go out of control.  


  A strong connection to the Beast Element and experience with Soul Magic are the main requirements for this technique. Additionally, a strong mind is needed to prevent one's conscious from drowning within the summoned aspect. The Taur Aspect is one of the easier ones to learn and master as it is based on anger and rage and requires no complex thought processes to access.  
Why do I have to wait to learn the Aspects? I thought accessing it is simple.
Oh it is. But the Beast Mages are a closed group. They rarely give insight into their Magic to anyone outside their clique. You'd have an easier time getting a Minotaur to teach you.
— Yensid & Helenia
Related Discipline
Elemental Magic
Beast Magic
Soul Magic
Related Element
Effect Duration
up to 30min
Master (Unleashed Version)
The Common Taurus   A large and varied group of creatures part animal part man. From the fast horse like Centaur to the brutish Minotaur and the calm almost friendly Ortaur they can be found in almost any environment.   They once were one of the greatest threats to human civilization. But with Magic and Steel, man drove them into the barren plains of the far north. In some regions, the creatures have even entered into the realm of legend.  

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Cover image: by Stas Yurev


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