Wild Magic Storms

The city bells tolled. They only tolled when something horrible was happening. Ingram scrambled through his study, collecting his valuable notes. He didn't want six years of research to vanish into thin air. He noticed several people sprinting from the town. Ingram pulled out a rolled-up carpet. This would save him some time.   Ingram heard the sound of the city bells change. Each chime became the sound of a hundred ducks quacking at the same time. This beyond a normal danger to the city. He managed to get the last bits of his research and ran outside.   The sky was dark with a massive storm cloud. Like a log, the cloud was on fire, while it snowed beneath the cloud. Ingram tried a single snowflake, it tasted like sour lemons. None of this could be explained and Ingram was ready to leave. Rolling out the carpet, he uttered a command word.   This was Ingram's prized possession. Gifted to him from his late grandfather, who had been gifted it by his father. Ingram remembered his family refusing to let him sell it when they needed the money, that he and his father worked themselves to the bone to avoid starving. All of that to discover that they saved some to send him to Magic School. He rode the carpet there and it was the only constant in his entire life. So it was understandable that Ingram started laughing with hysteria as the carpet exploded into faux silver spoons.   A man ran past him, his coat having turned into a tiger trying to run toward the storm. Ingram just stood there laughing. How could this happen? He turned to the storm, a rage building up. The hysteria clouding his judgment, he summoned the magic of his most powerful spell. His teachers said that such a spell shouldn't be used unless he needed it most. It was inhumane to use against any living creature. The storm was not living, but it was still a monster. It deserved Ingram's full fury for destroying the flying carpet of his ancestors.   No one knows where Ingram ended up after the storm. So much changed after the storm rolled through. Such as the well water turned to orange milk and Misses Tidbit's wallpaper changed from floral patterns to plaid (those two things people argued over which was worse). So it was no surprise that no one thought it was strange that a potted plant sat surrounded by spoons and loose papers that appeared as gibberish to the average folk. At least it made for nice decoration in the magistrate's office.


Appearing like a thunderstorm, it rages with all of the elements of nature. Random events can occur, such as Frogs raining from the sky, or a blizzard that sets things on fire. Casting any magic within the storm guarantees that the spell will go wild. It is recommended that any time a Wild Magic storm approaches that all inhabitants of the area should leave.


A Wild Magic Storm can occur anywhere in the Cosmos. This includes underground caverns, to underwater cities, to the prisons of Oolithia. Nowhere is safe from this catastrophic event.
Metaphysical, Arcane


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