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King Durkot Stormwild II

King Durkot Stormwild

King Durkot Stormwild II was the last true monarch of Arcturia. He used his power to organize Arcturia's governmental monarchy into a confederacy of self-governed cities. This strengthened his people's chances of survival during the War of Generations and paved the way for his grandsom, King Durkot Stormwild IV, to reshape the government again into a centralized democracy after the War's end.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

King Durkot II inherited the throne to a divided kingdom, torn apart by the hazards of travel due to threats outside his kingdom's control. Recognizing the strain of maintaining a monarchy in these conditions, not just upon himself but upon the cities looking to him for guidance, he decreed the nation of Arcturia would become a confederation of cities, with each city electing its own local government to decree and enforce its rules.   King Durkot II still retained his title, relegating it to an honorary position, and set aside a seat at the otherwise-democratic council of Leavara to be occupied by the hereditary crown. In his role on the council of Arcturia's capital he maintained an emphasis on unity among the Arcturians in facing the threats of the War of Generations while also recognizing and enforcing each city's autonomy with regards to their own needs.   He also organized monthly teleport of goods among the cities of Arcturia, exchanging information and much needed supplies with assistance from the mages of each city. This allowed the cities to trade items in surplus in exchange for ech city's true needs, all while holding the otherwise-divided nation together in the communal goals of survival.

Failures & Embarrassments

King Durkot II remained troubled all his life by the aggressive wildlife attacks now known as the War of Generations. He pooled resources among all his best mages, but every time they succeeded in calming the wildlife they soon became enraged again, andissions to seek monuments or cursed land within the wilds of the Winterwood Forest that could be responsible for the attacks ended in failure or worse. He always viewed this as a personal failing.   The true nature of the attacks was only discovered after the collapse of Wmffre during the reign of his grandson, King Durkot Stormwild IV. A small band of youthful survivors of the fall of the city sought refuge from the wildlife within the hostile Lonely Peaks, discovering the magical and fearful Frost Fae behind the attacks and eventually spearheading the efforts to end the War.

Morality & Philosophy

King Durkot II believed in doing the right thing for his people, regardless of what that meant to him as an individual. He recognized that he was born into a position of power and resolved to use that power to leave a positive legacy upon Arcturia.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Arcturia
Aligned Organization

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