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The city of Wmffre was destroyed during The War of Generations after being overwhelmed by magically enraged local wildlife in the night. Now that the War has ended some residents have returned to rebuild what was once their home. Others believe the city of Wmffre should be abandoned much as its namesake Wmffre, Druid of Iceturn abandoned the Druid Circle of Life.


Wmffre was once surrounded by sturdy walls of wood, built to defend against the aggressive wildlife from the Winterwood Forest. Unfortunately the walls were not strong enough to defend against the wilds forever, and one night the wildlife broke through and the city was lost. Many in the population managed to survive, scattering to seek refuge in the nearby cities of Myrrdin and Leavara. Now that the War has ended some former residents have returned to reclaim their homes and rebuild the city.


Some of the city's former residents have returned to rebuild and reclaim their home. Others believe the city's destruction was a sign from the Knitting Druids that the city of Wmffre, Druid of Iceturn should be abandoned just as the Druid Wmffre abandoned the circle.


The broken city lies at the base of the Lonely Peaks along a tributary of the Islette River. The surrounding area is fairly flat around the city although it grows fairly hilly to the east approaching the mountain range.

Natural Resources

Wmffre has ready access to wood and other resources from the Winterwood Forest, water and seafood from the adjacent Islette River tributary, and stone and metals from the Lonely Peaks.


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The City of Iceturn, The Broken City
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