Deiniol, City of Goldyield, is a city on the brink, perched precariously on the edge of an eroding section of the Arcturian Cliffs. It sits at the eastern border of the Winterwood Forest with the Blackguard Ocean directly underneath the city due to the overhanging cliff eroding from beneath.   It is named for Deiniol, Druid of Goldyield, representing the sixth month of the Druid Circle of Life, the growing month. The city has an especially fervent devotion to their Druidic namesake, believing that it is he who sends the waters that erode the ground from beneath them and that from their fervent patience he will grow the solution to save their city.


Deiniol is surrounded by the wooden defenses typical of cities in Arcturia, strong against wildlife but surmountable by sentient foes.

Industry & Trade

Due to their airdocks and status as a portal city Deiniol has ready access to trade across Fillimet. Their skill with levitation runes and magic has earned them great fame and most quality Airships pass through Deiniol as part of their regular maintenance schedules.


Deiniol lives in constant threat of collapse into the Blackguard Ocean, relying upon many Telekinesis levitation Runes and runed devices to remain intact as the supporting cliff below is eroded by the ocean. With the end of the War of Generations the city now has safer access to the cliffs outside the walls and has begun measures to slow the erosion from the tides but currently levitation remains their most successful strategy.


After the Annexation of Arcturia provided the city a strong connection to the rest of the world through the Portal Exchange the citizens of Deiniol were quick to study the technologies of others in the hope someone had solved their erosion problem. While this line of research was unsuccessful they were quick to latch on to a different technology, Airships.   Decades of fighting against gravity and erosion had provided the city with a unique specialization in levitation magic, especially runes, and they were quick to identify improvements to the current airship designs. As a result Deiniol quickly became the Airship Capital of Fillimetfor construction and maintenance.


Deiniol lies on the eastern edge of the Winterwood Forest, on a portion the Arcturian Cliffs now overhanging the Blackguard Ocean. The city requires frequently maintained levitation runes in the cliffs to remain intact.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Goldyield, Airship Capital of Fillimet
Large city
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