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Lynwen, City of Starfall, is the easternmost city of Arcturia. Lynwyn is named for Lynwen, Druid of Starfall, representing the third month of the Druid Circle of Life calendar, the final month before the growing season.   As an active seaport, Lynwen was least impacted by the War of Generations. During the warmer seasons Sea Skimmers could easily navigate the waters of the Blackguard Ocean, and trade was resumed with Islwyn once the southern city completed construction of their Sky Bridge.


Lynwen is surrounded by the wooden defenses typical of cities in Arcturia, strong against wildlife but surmountable by sentient foes. Unlike its sister cities the walls of Lynwen were not constructed to surround the entire periphery but instead reach deep into the ocean's waters to allow for easy passage of ships into the city.


Lynwen is the furthest east of all the cities of Arcturia, situated on the shores of the Blackguard Ocean at the edge of the Winterwood Forest.

Natural Resources

Lynwen has full access to the bounty of the sea as well as the plants and animals of the forest. The city is home to a thriving fishing industry as well as an Aquaponics-styled salt water system for growing edible seaweed and breeding fish.
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The City of Starfall
Large city
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