Druid Circle of Life

The faithful of the Druid Circle of Life believe the fates of the world are guided by a Druidic Knitting Circle, with each of the nine Druids responsible for all life during their month of the Druidic Calendar. The religion is especially popular in Arcturia, who continue to practice their beliefs despite their annexation into the territory of the Church of the Heathen Prophet.   The Druidic Calendar divides the year into nine months, each one denoting a particular stage in the cycle of life. The calendar itself is split into seasons — Thawing, Growing, and Frost — with the Druids knitting assistance with the corresponding tasks required to best prepare for the next month.   Developed while the Arcturians were still an agricultural society, the religious holidays of the Druid Circle of Life have evolved over time in response to the War of Generations and its forced abandonment of traditional agricultural traditions due to safety concerns. In spite of this the religion and its Druids have remained true to their roots, shepherding their followers through the seasons to best prepare for the harshness of the Frost season.

Mythology & Lore

The faithful of the Circle believe the world and its seasons are created and maintained by nine knitting Druids who control the progression of their portion of the cycle of life through the efforts of their knitting needles. Each living creature progresses through these seasons both during the year as well as through their life cycle. The Druids of the Circle knit the fates of all of creation, from the loftiest mountain to the smallest insect, and the most powerful nation to the meekest individual.   The faithful believe that Wmffre, Druid of Iceturn, abandoned his post in the circle. This left a void in the calendar with no Druid controlling the flow of time or nurturing life. As a result the other Druids of the Circle had to adjust their knitting patterns to prepare the world for a month without sunlight during Iceturn.


The faithful of the Druid Circle of Life celebrate each month with a devotion to the Druid responsible for knitting the fates of that month. Sometimes these are joyous celebrations, other times they are somber gatherings, and even festivals focused on shared hard work.

Religious Competitors

The Heathen Church does not tolerate competition within their territories. Believers of the Druidic Circle have simply moved their worship underground. Most non-believers don't recognize their ceremonies as religious, anyway.


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