Blackguard Ocean

Tales of legendary pirates sailing the Blackguard Ocean still make for popular bedtime stories for the youth of Fillimet. Today's ocean, while still home to the occasional pirate, is better known for the treasure hunters seeking lost relics from the more tumultuous trade routes at the dawn of the Current Fillimet Era.


The Blackguard Ocean lies in the northern hemisphere of Fillimet, bordered by Nomura to the west, Shikon to the northeast, and Lokira to the southeast. The ocean's waters are mild by ocean standards, not as deep or craggy as the Drakonan Ocean but much deeper than the relatively shallow Lophelian Ocean. The bottom is littered with ancient wrecked Sea Skimmers intermingled with some recent additions, a reminder of the days when pirates ruled the ocean's waves and their continued activity in the present, visible only to those with equipment to explore the depths.

Fauna & Flora

The Blackguard is home to a healthy population of Fish and other sea life. Healthy Coral reefs have grown on several of the countless skimmerwrecks on the bottom, providing further refuge for species on the lower end of the food chain.  
Black sails unfurl to greet the wind
And sailors' weakened knees
It's time to pay the Pirate's Toll
The terror of the seas!
— children's rhyme
The Blackguard was named after the scores of pirates said to travel the seas back at the dawn of the Current Fillimet Era. Tales of the exploits of Captain Redhook, Grayce Kallako, and Draco Iceheart about to excite the imaginations of school children. Pirates can still be found sailing the Blackguard Ocean, tempted by the trade routes between Nomura, Shikon, and Lokira, although they are not as prevalent as in the heydays of piracy.

Natural Resources

Fish, Shellfish, and other potential sources of seafood remain prevalent within the waters of the Blackguard. Treasure hunters also remain active, scouring the skimmerwrecks for fabled lost treasures from the depths while carefully attempting to avoid the few pirates still sailing the surface.
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5 Dec, 2019 17:00

I really like the rhyme in this article! It's a great touch. Are the oceans home to islands -- big, small, or hidden islands? What about the water, is the water generally clear? You mention the ocean floor being littered with wrecks, so I'm curious if there's some shallower portions of the ocean where you can look down and see them!   Great oceans article, Angela!

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