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Rhydderch, City of Sunfade, is the southeastern most city of Arcturia. It is the smallest of Arcturia's cities     Rhydderch is named for Rhydderch, Druid of Sunfade, representing the eigth month of the Druid Circle of Life calendar, the final month of preparation before the abandoned month of Iceturn.


The citizens of Rhydderch are mostly Humans and Dracoling, as well as a growing population of Frost Fae now that the War of Generations has ended.


Rhydderch is a well-defended city, with a heavy wall of wood and stone encircling the entire periphery. This defensive structure was built to defend against all forms of enraged wildlife, but could be surmounted by attacks from a sentient foe. All citizens of the city are still well trained in combat, but with more relaxed requirements and a greater emphasis on personal self-defense now that the War of Generations has ended.

Industry & Trade

As a portal city Rhydderch has ready access to trade across Fillimet. Food from the Aquaponics systems and crafts from the Leathersmits and Metalsmits are among Rhydderch's most popular exports.


Rhydderch resides on the edge of the Winterwood Forest, at the base of the Lonely Peaks. It is constructed to allow the local tributary to the Islette River flow through the center of the city.

Natural Resources

Due to its strategic location, Rhydderch has ready access to wood, stone, metals, water, and seafood. The river flowing through the city also feeds Rhydderch's Aquaponics farms, reducing the requirements for fish breeding within the typically-closed system.
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The City of Sunfade
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