Wmffre, Druid of Iceturn

Wmffre (a.k.a. The Druid of Iceturn)

— Wmffre
  Wmffre is the ninth and last of the Druid Circle of Life, and Wmffre is missing. The Knitter of Iceturn absconded from the Circle, leaving Rhydderch, Druid of Sunfade and Islwyn, Druid of Newdawn to adjust their knitting patterns to prepare the world for a month without guidance from the needles.   He is the patron of the lost, perhaps they can find him someday and reunite the Circle.

Divine Domains

Wmffre is the patron of Absence and Abandonment, encouraging individuals to follow his example and abandon their responsibilities for the sake of selfish pursuits.

Divine Symbols & Sigils


Nothing is what Wmffre left behind, and nothing is what he chooses to do for others, so nothing is his portrayal.


Festival of Iceturn

The Festival of Iceturn falls on the first day of Iceturn in the Druidic Calendar. It is a day of last minute preparations for the dark, frozen month, completing the preparation efforts from Sunfade.
Nothingness Void by Angela Biscup (SolarCat02)
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Druid of Iceturn, The Missing Druid


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