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Leavara, City of Sunjoy, is the capital and central city of Arcturia. It is named for Leavara, Druid of Sunjoy, representing the second month in the Druid Circle of Life calendar, the cold month when the sun begins to warm the Winterwood Forest.


The Arcturians of Leavara are the most diverse in Arcturia due to the city's status as capital. While Humans and Dracolings are the most common, Katanoji and Canids can also be found in mentionable quantities. Additionally, the Frost Fae delegation calls Leavara home.


Leavara has been the capital since the earliest records of Arcturia. Originally a monarchy, King Durkot Stormwild II recognized the strains of government by proxy during the War of Generations. After great personal debate he relinquished the power of the throne to an elected council with deligates from each of the nine cities in Arcturia, retaining nothing but a single council seat in Leavara and the now-ceremonial title of King.   Upon conclusion of the War Durkot II's grandson, King Durkot Stormwild IV, pushed for a more formalized central government with representatives now physically in attendance at council meetings. Under Durkot IV's guidance a dedicated council chamber was created by renovating one of the palace's many disused formal halls, providing a permanent meeting room for delegates from each of the cities of Arcturia. Durkot IV stepped down from his spot as an official delegate, instead relegating himself and his heirs to agenda keeper with tiebreaker votes only. In this way the royal lineage of Arcturia supports the voice of the people.


Leavara is a well-defended city, with a heavy wall of wood and stone encircling the entire periphery. This defensive structure was built to defend against all forms of enraged wildlife, but could be surmounted by attacks from a sentient foe. All citizens of the city are still well trained in combat, but with more relaxed requirements and a greater emphasis on personal self-defense now that the War of Generations has ended.

Industry & Trade

As a Portal city Leavara has ready access to trade across Fillimet. Food from the Aquaponics systems and crafts from the Leathersmiths and Metalsmiths are among Leavara's most popular exports.


Leavara is located in a Grove of the Winterwood Forest, at a bend in a tributary of the Islette River. The city is built around one of the taller hills in the area and constructed to allow the palace an unobstructed view in all directions.

Natural Resources

As with the rest of Arcturia, Leavara's culture is built around the use of animal hides and other products. They have ready access to wood and water due to their location along one of the tributaries for the Islette River in the Winterwood Forest. Leavara still maintains the efficient Aquaponics systems that fed the populace during the War of Generations, trading the excess to countless cities and organizations across Fillimet, made possible due to Leavara's status as a Portal city.
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The City of Sunjoy
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