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Leavara, Druid of Sunjoy

Leavara (a.k.a. The Druid of Sunjoy)

Embrace the gifts you are given, they bring life to the world.
— Leavara
  Leavara is the second of the Druid Circle of Life, the Knitter of Sunjoy. She is responsible for teaching acceptance of life and its gifts and changes, knitting the full glory of the awakening sun.   She is the patron of those facing difficulty or self-doubt, assisting believers in accepting themselves as they are, and finding their inner strength.

Divine Domains

Leavara is the patron of Acceptance, including Self-Acceptance, encouraging believers to accept the good and the bad as gifts from life, and an integral part of their current identity.

Divine Symbols & Sigils


The stone is a symbol of existence. It does not question its identity, it does not try to be something other than itself, it exists in its own balance.  


The clouds are signs of the gifts of an individual. They float with the breeze, pausing at the tug of a mountain or converging from the force of the wind but always remaining true to the inner self. The tears of the clouds bring life to the world.


Festival of Sunjoy

The Festival of Sunjoy falls on the first day of Sunjoy in the Druidic Calendar. It is a day of quiet contemplation spent with cherished friends or family. Celebrants reflect upon their gifts and challenges and provide encouragement and validation to themselves and those with them.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Druid of Sunjoy


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