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King Durkot Stormwild IV

King Durkot Stormwild

King Durkot Stormwild IV was instrumental in ending the War of Generations upon discovery of its true source. He also continued the efforts of his grandfather, King Durkot Stormwild II, by recentralizing the government of Arcturia into a united democracy.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

King Durkot IV grew up hearing stories of his grandfather and the restructuring of Arcturia from a centralized monarchy into a confederacy of self-governed cities to allow for more effective governance during the War of Generations, and dreamed of some day making as great a positive influence on his beloved country. Little did he realize the opportunities they would see during his own reign.   When a small group of adolescents discovered that Frost Fae in the Lonely Peaks were responsible for the raging wildlife attacking the cities of Arcturia for the last two centuries King Durkot IV gained the opportunity to end the War. He prepared to mount a military attack upon the previously unknown species but Kalia Furstek, after much convincing from the teens, in turn pushed King Durkot IV to choose a peaceful resolution.   Upon the abrupt end of the War and the sudden return of safe travel the King began considering another restructurings of the government, this time retaining democratic elections but returning to a centralized power. With additional assistance from Furstek he convinced the eight remaining Arcturian cities to send delegates from their own local councils to serve on a national Council.   Not long into this new governance, Crusaders from the Church of the Heathen Prophet appeared on their borders intent upon conquering the war weary cities. Furstek entreated him to appoint her as head negotiator with the Crusaders and, with his full support, negotiated the Annexation of Arcturia.   While many of King Durkot IV's accomplishments did not occur due to actions from his own hands those who performed the tasks were always quick to give him credit for their success. He surrounded himself with talented individuals who kept the needs of Arcturia's citizens at the forefront of him mind, and he ensured they received the support needed to succeed. His citizens continue to remember his accomplishments and speak of him with gratitude.

Failures & Embarrassments

King Durkot IV blamed himself for the fall of Wmffre, even to his dying day. Through a miscommunication on his part the city had nor yet received their monthly supply shipment from the capital, and King Durkot IV believed the lack of supplies is why the city failed to hold. The truth of these beliefs will never be known as there were few survivors from Wmffre, none of them from the front lines of defense.


King Durkot Stormwild IV

Ceremonial King (Important)

Towards Kalia Furstek



Kalia Furstek

Friend and Council Delegate (Important)

Towards King Durkot Stormwild IV




Kalia Furstek grew in prominence within Arcturia as her network of influence grew with each new tutor. King Durkot IV had heard of her through many of the palace advisors and finally had the opportunity to meet her during her efforts to on behalf of ending the War of Generations by making peace with the Frost Fae.   Impressed, he supported her efforts for election within Smirnyal's local council, and leaned on her influence to assist his own efforts of reuniting the states into a more centralized government after the War. It was only natural she become a delagate to the Arcturian Council in Leavara, eventually negotiating the Annexation of Arcturia with the Heathen Crusaders.   Throughout the many changes witnessed by the Arcturians during King Durkot IV's reign, from the end of a centuries-long war, to a complete restructuring of the government, and finally the avoidance of another war with the Church of the Heathen Prophet, Kalia Furstek remained a loyal friend and staunch ally.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

King Durkot IV and Kalia Furstek both believe in the people of Arcturia and wish to support the strength and prosperity of the nation and its people to the best of their abilities.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Arcturia
Aligned Organization

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