Annexation of Arcturia

When a large army of Heathen Crusaders marched on the country of Arcturia, the war weary country prepared to return to the state of defensive aggression sustained for centuries.   Newly elected Diplomat Kalia Furstek of Smirnyal feared the renewal of the war drums would lead to the rekindling of the recently resolved War of Generations, sealing her people's fate in the art of war. Requesting the role of lead negotiator with the forces of the Heathen Church she was able to negotiate a peaceful annexation to maintain the newfound peace and Arcturian way of life, while catapulting her people into worldwide trade and leading to a new age of prosperity.

The Conflict


The Church of the Heathen Prophet had been slowly conquering their neighbors in an effort to acquire control of the entire Northern Reach. Through efforts to radicalized the faithful a large privately funded army of Heathen Crusaders marched north to claim Arcturia for their Church.

The Engagement

Rather than engage with the Heathen Crusaders in armed combat, the Arcturians sent a small negotiation delegation led by Kalia Furstek. This delegation negotiated a peaceful annexation with the Heathen Church which both sides found highly favorable to their long-term goals. Penned by Kalia herself, the Arcturian-Heathen Accord sealed peace and prosperity for Arcturia, under the guise of surrender.


Arcturia was able to successfully avoid another war so soon after the end of their last. The Church of the Heathen Prophet was able to claim a quick victory, and no lives were lost in combat on either side.


Conceding little to the invaders besides words and symbolism, Kalia Furstek convinced the Church of the Heathen Prophet to utilize their influence to petition that all eight cities of Arcturia be added as official portal cities at the Portal Exchange.   In return the Arcturians would provide some of their excess Aquaponics harvests to the territories of the Heathen Church, replacing the food supplies lost after a failed Crusade against the city states of the fertile Andisol Valley and the subsequent trade ban. The Arcturians would also sell their unique Leathersmith and Metalsmith goods across the Northern Reach. Lastly they would rename the symbolic leader of their hereditary royal lineage to Regional Speaker, while leaving the remainder of their governmental systems largely untouched.
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
5743 CFE
Ending Date
5743 CFE
Conflict Result



Nine defensive but geographically divided cities




Cease the conflict peacefully with minimal concessions.

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